Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray


8/25/1968, Glens Falls, New York, United States

Birth Name

Rachael Domenica Ray



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Rachael Ray was born into a family of cooking. One of her first memories is trying to copy her mother flip something and grilling her right thumb when she was three or four.

Her grandpa on her mother's side grew & cooked everything his family of 12…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rachael lives with her husband.

    • Her first word was "Vino", which means Wine in Spanish.

    • Rachael was named #71 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement.

    • Rachael has written 14 best-selling cookbooks.

    • Rachael thought that you couldn't drill holes in metal.

    • Rachael Lives in the Adirondacks with her dog, a cat, and two fishes.

    • Rachael was listed at #66 in Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 of 2007.

    • In a 2007 interview with People Magazine, Rachael acknowledged that she and her husband do not plan on ever having children. Rachael feels that she works too much to be an appropriate parent, and she has said that she feels like a bad mother to her dog on some days.

    • Launched in 2006 by Rachael Ray, Yum-o! is a non-profit organization that empowers kids and their families to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking. This is achieved by teaching families to cook, feeding hungry kids and funding cooking education.

    • Rachael was bitten by a dog in Union Square Park in New York City on March 2, 2007. A stray dog attacked her Pit-Bull mix, Isaboo, and Rachael stepped in to defend her.

    • Rachael's 'perky' demeanor is often mistaken for a lack of seriousness about cooking. Although she received no formal chef's education, she is indeed a force to be reckoned with in the world of cuisine.

    • Rachael teamed up with fellow master chef Mario Batali on November 12, 2006 to defeat the team of Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis on Food Network's Iron Chef America. The secret ingredient featured was cranberries.

    • Rachael made an announcement on February 21, 2007, that she has been honored by Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York City, with a wax replica of herself.

    • The Oxford American College Dictionary has added the term that Rachael helped mainstream, 'EVOO', short for extra-virgin olive oil, to it's pages in 2006.

    • Rachael became a spokesperson for Nabisco crackers in November, 2006. She is featured in television commercials and on boxes for many of their products, some of them feature a recipe written by her, as well.

    • Rachael names her can opener as her most trusted kitchen tool.

    • Rachael's eponymous magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray premiered on October 25, 2005 in conjunction with Reader's Digest.

    • Rachael has been credited with the following catchphrases: 'E.V.O.O.' is extra-virgin olive oil, 'yum-o', 'G.B.' is for her garbage bowl, 'stoup' is her cross between a stew and a soup, she refers to sandwiches as 'sammies', 'so delish', and she ends up asking 'How good is THAT?' after a taste.

    • Rachael is known for using approximations in her recipes, such as 'half a palmful' and 'eyeball it', instead of exact measurement.

    • Rachael's 30 Minute Meals received an Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Service Show' in 2006. She was also nominated for 'Outstanding Service Show Host', but the award was given to Suze Orman.

    • Rachael credits the inspiration for 30 Minute Meals to her interaction with people at the store she worked at. They would come in reluctant to cook, so she would offer them a '30 minute' recipe, so that they would at least try.

    • In 2006, Rachael released a Christmas music CD with 12 of her favorite Christmas songs. It is titled How Cool Is That Christmas?. She does not sing on the CD.

    • Her husband, John, does the dishes.

    • Rachael and her family celebrate every holiday, except Groundhogs Day.

    • Rachael was a competitive cheerleader in high school.

    • Rachael said that she drinks too much caffeine to keep her awake.

    • Rachael has a dog named Isaboo, sometimes calls her Izzy.

    • Rachael has launched her own magazine, Rachael Ray Magazine. Published every other month, Rachael shares cooking tips, shopping advice, and recipes.

    • On September 24, 2005 in Montalcino, Tuscany, Italy, Ray married John Cusimano, a lawyer and member of the band The Cringe.

    • She owns homes in Lake Luzerne, New York and Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

    • She was named one of Time magazine's most influential people of 2006. She was nominated by fellow Food Network star, Mario Batali.

    • In 2003, she posed for the men's magazine FHM. The New York Times wrote, 'The shots feature Ray in short-shorts with an exposed midriff, licking chocolate off a big wooden spoon, eating a strawberry and sitting in a sink, laughing as suds cascade down her curvaceous thighs.' A year later, she was named #92 on FHM-US's 100 Sexiest Women 2004' Then she was featured as #71 in FHM-US's '100 Sexiest Women 2006'.

    • She helped promote products for Price Chopper supermarkets and Burger King, and has developed her own line of cookware and cutlery.

    • She made a few commercials the grocery chain Price Chopper. They stocks all her books at their stores and retains her as an occasional spokesperson.

    • In Albany, New York, she worked as a buyer and chef at the Cowan & Lobel market.

    • On October 19, 2005, her food and lifestyle magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray, hit store shelves.

    • While working at a food equipment store in Albany as a buyer and cook, Rachael began a series of cooking classes to increase grocery sales during the holidays. The 30 Minute Meals classes became so popular that the local media sent a feature reporter to cover the phenomenon, and the following week, an Albany TV station asked Rachael to do a weekly 30 Minute Meals segment for the evening news.

    • Her current list of cookbooks is 30 Minute Meals in 1999, Comfort Foods in 2001, Veggie Meals in 2001, 30-Minute Meals 2 in 2003, Get Togethers: Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals in 2003, $40 a Day: Best Eats in Town in 2004, Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals: Cooking 'Round the Clock in 2004, Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Meals for Kids: Cooking Rocks! In 2004, Rachael Ray's 30-Minute Get Real Meals: Eat Healthy Without Going to Extremes 2005, Ray65: No Repeats: A Year of Deliciously Different Dinners.

    • She wrote her first book in 1998. She met with an independent Manhattan publisher about turning her bundle of recipes into a book. 30 Minute Meals ended up being produced that same year and sold 10,000 copies locally.

    • Her Italian-American family originally came from Sicily, Italy.

    • Rachael Ray's new 1 hour syndicated talk show debuted at the top of the ratings.

    • She owns homes in Lake Luzerne, New York and Manhattan's Greenwich Village.

    • She was born into cooking.

    • Rachael Ray is going to have a new show. It is one hour long. Premiering September 18. The name will be R&R.

    • Rachael Ray is the host of $40 a Day, Inside Dish with Rachael Ray, 30 Minutes Meals, and Rachael Ray's Tasty Travels on Food Network.

    • She has many cookbooks based on 30-minute meals.

    • Rachael's career started when she worked at a Macy's marketplace. She started at the candy counter, then moved to manager of fresh foods.

    • Rachael's mom had chains of restaurants in New York.

    • She had a family restaurant in Cape Cod.

    • Rachael help to open Agata & Valentina.

    • Her career started at a place called Macy's Macketplace in New York.

    • Both sides of her family cook.

    • When asked what she would eat if she only had $5 a day, Rachael responded "I would buy a bloody mary at happy hour -- gazpacho with a kick."

    • Rachael, as very recently reported on Entertainment Tonight, has just signed a deal with Oprah Winfrey and King World Productions to host her own daytime talk show in 2006. The show will film in New York City. She will still appear regularly on the Food Network.

    • Rachael is 5'4" (1.62 meters) tall.

    • Rachael married John Cusimano, a lawyer and member of the band The Cringe, on September 24, 2005 in Montalcino, Italy.

  • Quotes

    • Rachael: When you really want to show some love, keep the flowers and say it with spaghetti.

    • Rachael:[on cooking] You do it with your own two hands, so there's a sense of pride. You really do forget all our problems, because you're focusing on the food

    • Rachael: For a lot of people, divorce is traumatic, but for us, it made for a happier family. It was miserable to watch people live together who shouldn't.

    • Rachael: If you're humble and hardworking, opportunities will arise for you.

    • Rachael: I'm a lousy whistler. I can't make coffee, I can't bake and I can't whistle. There. I'm outed, on all levels.

    • Rachael: (when asked how she manages to eat so much and still look good) Well, neither is true! It only looks like I eat a lot on TV, but really, I just get the one bite, and the crew and guests eat everything else. And I don't look that great. Everything I own has stretch in it. You have to give a little.

    • Rachael: I never in a million years thought I look over and see Teri Hatcher in my refrigerator!

    • Rachael: NASA asked me to create meals for the space shuttle. Thai chicken was the favorite. I flew in a fake space shuttle, but I have no desire to go into space after seeing the toilet.

    • Rachael: (about rumors that her marriage is on the rocks) I honestly don't know where people get this stuff. I have a husband who's a great cook, a rock star, and he doesn't mind if I come home at 10 pm. What idiot would divorce that? As for the rumors, it's a small price to pay for such a great life.

    • Rachael: I was surrounded by all different styles of cooking and worked in the food service industry in just about every capacity you can imagine.

    • Rachael: I cut myself a lot--but not when I'm chopping. It usually happens when I'm holding a knife and talking with my hands!

    • Rachael: Laugh more than you cry. Work hard and play hard. Eat well and you can eat more.

    • Rachael: I love all games! I'm very competitive.

    • Rachael: I was always in the kitchen with my family, even as a baby, and I helped out from the time I could hold a spoon. The first meal I made all by myself was lasagna roll-ups.

    • Rachael: Izzy will go on car trips, but I don't want her to have to fly in the belly of a plane. She's been to Montreal and, of course, she goes back and forth between the Adirondacks and New York City. (About her dog.)

    • Rachael: My first vivid memory is watching Mom in a restaurant kitchen. She was flipping something with a spatula. I tried to copy her and ended up grilling my right thumb! I was 3 or 4.

    • Rachael: Everyone on both sides of my family cooks.

    • Rachael: (During interview with Larry King) That's even bigger than daddy's!

    • Rachael: I have a fat head – I get freaked-out looking at pictures of me. So I got a Sharpie and drew horns and a goatee.

    • Rachael Ray: If you spent one day in a cooking school, you would most definitely see that I do not chop an onion correctly,but I get my jobs done fast. I'm not a chef. I don't cook like a chef.

    • Rachael Ray: In the spring and summer, my favorite recipe switches to crab cakes -- crisp, spicy and so full of crab -- trust me, they're outrageously good and you can make 10 for what they would charge you per cake in any restaurant!

    • Rachael Ray: When people are sick of me they'll let me know and I'll go away.

  • My Cooking Role Model

    She cooks really simple dishes that are easy to make at home... that's for sure. She's a GREAT public speaker, has a passion for her craft, and she is consistent, and sweet and a jokester. I like watching her cook meals that don't take more than 20 mins... she's good at picking those recipes and I just think she's a really neat chef to learn from.
  • Look at my review for more info...

    I have to say I have fallen in love with this lady when I started watching one of her shows, 30 Minute Meals, on the Food Network. Rachael Ray's cooking looks fabulous. Especially when she made the Thanksgiving meal during the Thanksgiving special in 2004. I shall marry her when I become an adult.