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  • This show needs to be cancelled - it's time is over, long over

    She is SO RUDE to her staff but seems to think it is CUTE !!! She says the SAME THING over and over again. Puts mustard on anything that will keep still and is FOREVER referencing her husband and dog as though she is so insecure without validating herself with their support. Sick of the cake guy as well. Get rid of this show, so many other worthy people who could host a same venue without her cheesiness.
  • Motor Mouth

    Never have I called regarding any TV show until yesterday when I called The Rachael Ray show. Why do they schedule guests when she thinks she knows much more than any of them. She constantly interrupts them never allowing them to finish a thought or sentence. She makes every conversation all about her. I for one am tired of hearing her tell the same old boring stories about her. I must stop watching her show it is a waste of my time when she makes the show all about her. Shame on her directors and producers for not doing their jobs.

  • My Cooking Role Model

    She cooks really simple dishes that are easy to make at home... that's for sure. She's a GREAT public speaker, has a passion for her craft, and she is consistent, and sweet and a jokester. I like watching her cook meals that don't take more than 20 mins... she's good at picking those recipes and I just think she's a really neat chef to learn from.
  • Look at my review for more info...

    I have to say I have fallen in love with this lady when I started watching one of her shows, 30 Minute Meals, on the Food Network. Rachael Ray's cooking looks fabulous. Especially when she made the Thanksgiving meal during the Thanksgiving special in 2004. I shall marry her when I become an adult.
  • Energetic and wholesome!!!!

    I find Rachael Ray to be totally out there. SHe has a certain energy that not a lot of people have. SHe is just so crazy and wild that if you dont love her, you must insane. Her personality is fantastic and really shines through on 30 minute meals. I recently found this show a few months ago and I havent stopped watching. SHe just sucks you in with her wit and knowledge. Her food knowledge is amazing and her talent to make great food is also amazing. SHe has a certain charisma that is so hard to find in a t.v. host which is why I feel she is so successful. HEr energy is off the wall and really cooky. SHe seems so playful and inviting which makes watching any of her programs so nice. My favorite show is definately 30 minute meals. Her concept is so original and I love watching it because I get such great food ideas. SHe really sparked a food interest in me and I love watching her cook. SHe is also a gorgeous woman which also helps too. Rachael Ray is so talented and energetic that you get trapped in her charm. Her shows are amazing and so is she. SHe is a great host and a great t.v. personality.
  • Rachael Ray is awesome! She's a great cook, and is very succusful!

    Rachael Ray started out having her own show on show on Food Network, which led her to two shows, 30 Mintue Meals and $40 a Day. She show'd us that we don't need to take forever on a tasteful and even heathly meals. On her other show, she shows us delious, and cheap foods to get if you're ever on vacation. BUt know, she has grown out to be very popular everywhere! With her own magizine and spokes deals! Eventhough she has been everywhere in a sort period of time, she still shows us that she's the down to earth type! Rachael is one of the few famous people that wont get a big head with all this succus and fame!
  • the best food network host, in my opinion...

    Rachael Ray is my favorite food network host. She has several shows: 30 Minute Meals, $40 a Day, and a few more that I can't remember the names of right now. The shows are pretty good. I just like Racheal Ray because she's interesting. She makes cooking fun and she has all of the funny words: "EVOO" and "Yummo" are ones that I like the most. I've also seen her talk show and she does pretty good with that too. She's just a good talker. She has pretty good shows, but what makes the show is her. She is my favorite host and I want to see her in more shows.
  • Not everyone's type...

    Ok - so her voice is annoying (to *some* people) and she talks fast; according to some her personality is annoying - she acts like 3 year old in a 30 year old's body. I dunno. I personally think that her upbeat personality, whether it's a *put on* or not, is very fun to watch. I would hope she's not that hyper all the time, though. But it is an instant mood booster to watch her (on any one of her shows).
    She used to work as a 'malt shop' or something like that (of the sorts) making ice creams, malts, etc. And apparently selling chocolates at Macy's? Never heard that - I just read it. She was taught by her mom how to cook, and her grandpa Emmanuel as well... Which, to me, is a life time worth of training more than 2 or 4 years in a college.
    I personally learned a lot of tips from watching her "30 Minute Meals" - how to cut stuff, substitute tips, thickening agent tips, etc. (Also I learned a lot from Emeril, but that's another review)
    Either way - *to me* she's great to watch, wonderful to learn from, and not too bad on the eyes (even as a woman, I can agree - she's nice to look at LOL).
    Some people just can't get past her voice or her "over the top" personality (which I resemble when I'm around some of my hyper family members or friends at work). I think it's all in preference. But to say she's a waste of time or a fake is (to me) a bit of a quick judgement. Who's to say she's also a bit reserved sometimes? If she *is* putting on a front, probably for good reason. Not everyone can act that bubbly *all* the time. I know I can't. Also - why can't the woman be quiet for once and just stand and do what she does for a moment without having to entertain someone or talk to them? Since it's her "RR Show" is taped within a short time, who's to say she's not allowed to have preparers there? I don't know how the other cooking shows are done, but none of the others are also day time talk shows, so uh - maybe that's a given that she'd have 'help'. Oh well. Whatever lol.
    :) I love the woman! :)
  • FANtabulous. How can you not like Rachael Ray?

    Who cares if she didn't go to cooking school. She is EXTREMELY talented and a class act. After I finsh watching one of her shows I feel like cooking. All of her shows are filled with wonderful tips and ideas for anyone to lead a wonderful life. Rachael is nice and well... HOT! you gotta love her. YUMMO! She is SOOOO underappreciated and haters are just jealous.
  • Yumo!

    I just love Rachael Ray! She is so fun to watch! SHe always has a smile on her face and is very inerjectic! I've bought one of her cook books and are learning to use it everyday. She makes cooking look easier. I like how she makes meals that a normal person could cook. She's not like other cooking shows where the chef is stiff and wears a white coat and hat. She is casual with her attire and how she runs her show. I love her thrity minute meals show. It's great for those you want to eat healthy but don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.
  • Rachael's 30 minute meals inspired my husband of 20 years to begin cooking!!!! KUDOS to you Rachael!

    Rachael has accomplished something that I could not accomplish in the 20 years I have been married. She/her show has inspired my husband to cook... I mean really cook, not just heat up left overs! In the last five years our roles have changed. I now work more hours than he does, so the cooking duties have shifted. When he first took over the cooking duties, we ate a lot of take out and TV dinners / fast food. One day I came home to find him watching 30 minute meals. The next evening he prepared a Parmesan Chicken dish that was to die for. We have since tried many 30 minute meals and are very pleased. KUDOS to Rachael for inspiring my husband to become a frequent feature in the kitchen. I can't thank you enough!~~
    From a satisfied wife!!!!!
  • How could you not love her. Her energetic personality and happy-go-lucky attitude is an inspiration to everyone on how we should live our life.

    Rachael Ray is a great person on the fact that she is always so happy and the way that she acts is so uplifting. I have seen every episode of every show that she has done and i never seem to tire of watching her and her bubbly personality. She is just an all-around great person.
  • she is am amusing and creative person.

    she always gets your attention to her.she is so talented in what she dose she has the most amazing recipes. she really showed the world that when you really love something you can always have fun with it.the way she talks about cooking you can see in her eyes how much she loves what she dose. there is nothing the same there everything is new even is she uses something she did before she changes it with something new.i wish i could do that. this show is great experience and just fun to watch and learn something new and that taste good.
  • She's annoying.

    She started off selling chocolate at Macy's and now she's got her own show?! She gives cooking advice to what is really just common sense. She acts immature for her age. She acts like a 3 year old trapped in a 30 year old body. She also reminds me of a squirrel, and I hate squirrels. And why the heck does she use words from the 60's? No one says "groovy" anymore! People who can really cook are going through unnoticed because of her. There are many other people out there in the world that are much better cooks than her. My mom is constantly asked for her recipies because she cooks so well. Me and my mom have learned much better cooking tips from real chefs like Paula Deen and Bobby Flay.
  • Rachael Ray is loud mouthed, insults her guests, cannot speak without flailing her arms around, and is so annoying with her unintelligible "morphing" of words. She's a braggart, fake, insincere, and rude. I will NOT buy Nabisco products because of her.

    I do not like Rachael Ray's talk show because she is trying to go into areas where she is not qualified nor the correct spokesperson for. Her body motions are exaggerated and annoying. She is a terrible interviewer and never makes eye contact with her guests. I am tired of seeing her face at the turn of every corner, and as such, will no longer purchase any product that she endorses nor who use her as a spokesperson. She has a nasty, raspy voice that is neither attractive, nor conducive to a good interview. Couple that with her lack of eye contact, and presto! Fakeout!
  • Can someone explain this woman's appeal to me?

    I don't get it. Her shows dominate the Food Network. She got her own talk show. Now she's even gotten on Celebrity Jeopardy. Why?

    I've watched her Food Network shows here and there, and don't understand the religious devotion people seem to have to her. She's not particularly talented, and I find her personality to be an incredible turn off. Then, while home from work sick, I managed to watch her daytime talk show. It was like staring at a car wreck. She felt the need to talk over all of her guests, because she doesn't seem to understand that it's supposed to be about the guests, not her. Later she was running around and giggling like a hyperactive two-year-old. Really, this is entertainment?

    It disturbs me that people can't seem to resist throwing money at this woman, to put her on TV and buy her books, and it just makes no sense to me. Children who act like her used to be sent to their room without supper, yet it's made her rich. Perhaps it's time for her to just grow up, but then again, why should she, when you consider that acting like a complete idiot has certainly been good for her, hasn't it?
  • Very annoying.

    I don't see why Oprah gave Rachel her own talk show on ABC when she already has her own cooking show on the Food Network. Every episode of her talk show, she's always screaming and shouting across the room. I know that just like Tony Danza's show, her show will not last for long and then ABC will have to find another person to host another unoriginal talk show. What makes anyone think that her show is going to be any different from the other ones put in the 10:00 AM time-slot? Just because the audience's seats rotates? Do you think anyone will be impressed? Don't be surprised to see Rachael Ray's talk show cancelled, because this loud-mouth brat (for a lack of a better name) doesn't deserve one in the first place.
  • I find Rachael Ray to be one of the most annoying people I've seen on television. I don't quite know what it is either - maybe its how she laughs at her own jokes and comments? I don't know. She just aggravates me!! I know few who can tolerate her.

    I can't watch her shows at all, even though I would like the recipes she does and would like to give them a try. The only thing I can do that is Rachael-related is in book form - when I don't have to hear her or watch her. Maybe that's a bit harsh but no others on the Food Network do that to me!! Ok sorry for the rant but I just had to give my opinion. She's just far too annoying and far too silly for this gal. Sorry Rachael! Maybe try being a bit less goofy? I guess someone must like her because she has like, what - 5 shows on the network now?? Ugh. That's five too many.
  • she may know something about cooking but...

    She may know something about cooking but...
    let me first say that I like Rachael Ray and think she does a pretty good job with some of her recipes. I like the fact she tries to use common items which can be easily obtained from a gourmet store (Lot of stuff you can not get at the local piggly wiggly).
    What I do not like about Rachel is the fact every meal she does has to come with a an adult beverage. There are quite a few people who like to have an adult beverage not and then and that's fine but I don't think we should be encouraging it as much Rachel tends to do. Much of the time when she gets an adult beverage on $40 a day or Tasty Travels, she is spending 1/4 of her allowance on it. It might be time for Rachel to think about making a stop by AA if this trend keeps up.