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    • Rachael:(Comparing "Transformers" and "Shutter") They are extremely different. For that movie in Tokyo, I was in pretty much every scene of the movie. Out of the 62-day shoot, I think I worked 59 days. Whereas on Transformers, it was a smaller role, and I had space to breathe within that. But going to Tokyo, my experience of that was like being sucked into some sort of other world experience. I was so completely absorbed in the character and the story. But Japan was cathartic in its own way. It was a healthy proposition with that movie to get out of L.A. after having done a really big film, and decompress and get back to really telling a story on a much smaller scale. And then, after Tokyo, I went to Napa Valley and shot a movie about wine up there, which was fabulous. You know, Shutter was difficult subject material. It involved the supernatural, and it involves a woman trying to un-pick the man that she's married while making some really difficult and heartbreaking discoveries. It was a difficult movie to shoot, but I'm becoming more aware that maybe you can't actually compare one film that you shoot to another. They are such strange creatures, films. There's such a funny alchemy, making a film, and each one is very specific and really its own world, which is I guess why it's so enjoyable and so fascinating. Each time it's just another job, it's another group of people, and it's a completely new environment.