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    She is one of the wrost actresses ever.
  • Extremely Talented!

    She's really cute and would love to hang out with her! I loved her attitude in the OC and The Jumper… I think she has what it takes to achieve A-List status. I think she's very relatable, despite the way she was portrayed as 'ditzy'. I especially loved her in season four of the series; Loved the acting involved in her dealing with Marisa's departure in the OC. I loved the chemistry she radiated between she and her co-stars through every scene. I need to see her do more movies, I know she's got a lot of more time to shine which I can't wait to see!
  • An actress of a myriad of talents.

    What made The O.C. one of the most revolutionary and best shows of the decade was its absolutely brilliant collection of awesome actors and actresses. Rachel Bilson is arguably the center of it all. Initially she was supposed to be an afterthought to Seth Cohen's childhood love, but she acted her way to the top and stapled herself into the permanent cast. At first she played a typical Orange County girl and played the dumb headed "blonde" very greatly, and then she shows that she isn't only limited to Gucci, shoes, and glamour when her character develops over the series. Rachel Bilson is a dream actress for directors because of her ability to play multiple roles at an elite level like in The Last Kiss and Jumper. If her acting abilities were truly appreciated, I wouldn't be surprised if she rises to the ranks in the Hollywood actress hierarchy like she deservedly so.
  • rachel bilson is the most best actress i have ever seen i would love her to be in a lot more movies and tv shows but even better how about they just give her a show just about her.

    rachel bilson is the most talented young actress i have ever seen. her role on the oc is stunning. she is a beautiful young girl with plenty of acting years to go and i wish her the best in her life.
    her role on the oc as summer roberts in spectacular.
    i would love it if she ever come out to australia for her and i to meet because the second i saw her on the oc i fell in love with her even thogh we have nothing in coming but she is the other half im been looking for my hole life.i recomend see all of rachel shows straight away because i no u will love them just like i love her
  • Rachel Bilson is a great actress who seems like she doesn't want to be in the spotlight or in the nobody list. She is a great person who seems like a very professional actress and mature adult. Even though she looks like she's 16.

    Rachel Bilson started her career as a guest star in the TV Shows 8 Simple Rules...for Dating my Teenage Daughter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mad TV, and That 70s Show. She has also been in some movie like Unbroken and The Last Kiss. Her breakthrough role was being the drama queen Summer Roberts in the Hit TV Show, The OC. She lasted in that show for four seasons and then she was almost just in the tabloids. After The OC she guest starred in the TV Show named Chuck, and being in the box-office hit Jumper. After that she is still known, but will she return to film or TV is the question. Let's see if she answers it.
  • I love Rachel....wanna know why??

    Rachel freakingg Bilson is a great actress. The OC wouldn`t be what it is today if she wasn`t in it. She`s a great actress and a good role model. She`s currently my icon :P too. She`s so freaking pretty and she doesn`t get all caught up in the latest stuff, like partying and drinking and stuff. She`s repsonisble yet loved by many many many fanss. Acting seems really natural for her, like she doesnt even try. She has alot of talent and I am glad she was discovered and put on one of my favortie shows. She is my role model, she is the perfect girl :] I LOVE HERR.
  • Great well talented actress!!!..xxx luv her forever..=]=]

    Rachel Bilson was in the very popular show the OC. This show aired for around 4 years. She became OC's most famous and was acting as "Summer Roberts" in it. Since around feb 2007 Rachel has done one movie "The Last Kiss". This movie was not my favourite. I think she was way better in the OC, because her acting was way better. Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson sould become a couple again!!! I LOVE RACHEL..xx =] =]

    She should continue doing movie and hit the big one. Hopefully Rachel will do that soon like she did with the OC but maybe in a movie kind of way. =] =] :P:P
  • She is an amazing actress and I am happy to say that she is my favorite actress she is great at what she does so keep up the good work.

    Rachel Bilson is an amazing actress on "The OC".She and Adam Brody has such great chemistry on the show.She has such a great prescence on the show.She will be able to do anything that she wants and get a great review.She is truly a great actress.She deserves everything that she gets that is good in her life.In my opinion,she will be like some of hollywoods finest such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and many more.She will be bring in awards by the week. All I can think is that just hopefully she will keep up the good work and that very good things will happen to her every day.
  • So talented!

    Rachel has done what very little actresses have been able to do; look beautiful but still show the world she does have brains. Not only has she proven to woman that you can be succesful without looking like Britney Spears but she has also shown short girls (including me!) that height doesn't matter. She has also proven you can LOVE food but can still look great and be confident which I think is so amazing. I loved her from the begining in the OC and can't wait to see her in movies. Even though I loved her relationship with Adam, if being with Hayden makes her happy then I am happy for her.
  • Wonderful and adorable actress

    Rachel Bilson was amazing in The OC, great to watch. She started off with a small role but soon became the main character she deserved to be! This gave the viewer a chance to love her as the character of Summer Roberts, she quickly be a favourite with all fans and as a result got bigger and better storylines! This is all because she is such a good and lovable actress, the audience really responded to her and took her into their hearts. With the death of Marissa Cooper her character was in the centre even more so and Rachel coped with this perfectly and we see some of her best acting throughout season four, especially coping with Marissa's death.
    I have also seen Rachel in The Last Kiss, she played her part really well and I just wish Zach Braff's character had chosen her! I look forward to seeing her in more roles as she is wonderfully gifted actress.
  • i hate her she is so mean how could she date adam brody

    I hate rahcel bilson she cant date adam brody. Even thaught there broken up she is still stupid cause could be dating one of his biggest fans ( me or other girl) but noooooooooooooooooooooo he was with rachel bilson. And her acting ,yes i admit i did like her role of summer roberts in the oc but like in the last kiss with zach graff she was such a whore she was like the slut that she really is . Do not go see her movies u will be sooooo soooooo disapointed. She should not be allowed to act. go to h*** rahcel bilson u suck
  • Sure she is pretty and really flawless and all that but for me she's pretty safe.

    Sure she is pretty and really flawless and all that but for me she's pretty safe. No offense guys don't mean insults or anything but there is something about her style that is just playing whack! I don't really know which one but it is like that nothing really captures me from her. She's pretty but kinda boring.
  • Seductively innocent. Perfectly natural. There is something about Rachel Bilson that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you can’t keep your eyes off.

    Can you accredit acting with beauty? There are a lot of beautiful girls out there who are awful actresses and a lot of good actresses that aren’t exactly models, so beauty is certainly not the main criteria of acting. But when you have a healthy mix of both it is truly a beautiful thing to watch. And Rachel Bilson definitely has an abundance of both. She has the girl next door looks and a wealth of innocent charm. When you watch her play different roles you never feel that she is forcing the part, you never feel she is acting, they all seem to be natural as if that is just the way she is.

    It hasn’t been until recently that I have really noticed her shine. She has always played an excellent part in the O.C. as Summer, but up until the final season you could say that about all the actors on the show. In the final season of the O.C. Bilson is by far the stand out performer becoming one of the few reasons to continue to watch the show. Bilson was also the best thing about The Last Kiss where she brightens the screen with her presence.

    Rachel Bilson is an excellent actress who combines beauty with acting seamlessly.
  • She is so awesome

    Oh my God, Rachel Bilson is soooo awesome. I am like her biggest fan. She is my idol. I love how she plays Summer in The OC. What I would do to meet her. She is a very talented actress and she has an incredible style that is better then every other female celebrity wears. She is a very lovable person who is full of Charisma. I was devastated when I found out that her and Adam Brody had broken up. I mean they were so cute together. They were the cutest couple ever in Hollywood. Everyone thought they were gonna last forever.
  • Great star with a great future coming ahead...

    Rachel Bilson started her amazing career, with the now popular and cancelled The OC, and though it has been a little career movement or continuation, I am sure that Rachel is surely to overcome herself, because in the series she is excellent as the emotional, Summer Roberts. Luckily, for everyone she is sweeter than her in real life, so there is nothing to worry about.

    I think that Rachel has a promising future to come, because I have already seen the movie “The Last Kiss” one of her first starring debuts, and I must said that she is excellent. Her relationship with Zach Braff and the way that she combines herself with him in the movie is something really, really exciting. And you can tell just by it that Rachel Bilson surely has a long career ahead that is going to have down hills and fame and glory moments, like every artists (lets just hope that there are more high moments than down) but above all, Rachel really knows what she is doing. Her portrayal is something that you should not miss, and I am an anxious to see what it is going to be her next, upcoming job...
  • Amazing!

    Rachel Bilson is probly my favorite actress ever! Which may seem wierd because i've only ever seen her in 'The O.C.' and 'The Last Kiss'. I also would like to pay compliment to her sheer amazing looks! I think her on screen relationship with Adam Brody is what makes The O.C. such great viewing, i don't think there is a better duo in TV. She shows great versatility within The O.C. providing great moments of comedy. I really hope her career stays alive after the O.C. because it any TV with her on the cast would benefit. I also think her movie role in 'The Last Kiss' was very good along side Zach Braff. p.s. i love the way she always bites her lip when shes thinking in the first season of the O.C.
  • She's probably my favorite tv actress of all time!!!!

    I have a huge crush on Rachel Bilson. She is probably one the most beautiful and tallented women in this industry. As you all know Im a huge fan of The OC. But I love Rachel Bilson. She is a very driven women. She knows what she wants and will get it. I find that very very sexy in a woman!!!! She really plays a spoiled princess so well. Probably because she is SOOO not like that in real life. Adam Broady was a lucky devil when he had her. She is just one of the most beautiful and down to earth women u will ever meet. Any man would be lucky to be with her!!! And Im gonna get now Adam!! You had your turn so back off Skinny Boy
  • Rachel Bilson is a great, talent actress.

    Rachel Bilson is one of my favorite actresses. She is very pretty and has great style. She always looks simple, but very put together. Besides this she is extremly talented. She managed to make her character, Summer, on The OC be completley rude, but still likeable. Not many actors can do this. Also, on The OC she has been able to take her character from a fashion loving girl to an earthy girl. I am constantly pleased to see what new roles she plays in. No matter what she does she seems to do it very well. She is a great actor!!!!
  • Rachel Bilson is soooo beautifull, I love her! She really can act!!! Rachel is really talented!

    Rachel Bilson is great! She is sooo amazing, georgeus and talented! She really can act! She is so beautifull! I know Rachel from OC Califirnia (Summer). I've to watch her new movie 'The Last Kiss', 'cause I think that it's perfect movie! I saw that she is filming her new movie 'Jumper'-2008. I hope that is gonna be cool a movie!
  • she 'oright

    rache billi is, like, so hot right now. but in, like 2 weeks will be, like, not, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, hot, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, not, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, hot, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, not, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, hot, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, not, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, hot, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, not, then in another 2 weeks, she'll be, like, hot. and yeah
  • Rachel Bilson is so pretty! I love her!

    Rachel Bilson is so lucky, with a hot house, a cute dog, a job to die for, and a hottie for a boyfriend. I read that in Teen magazine, and I love Rachel Bilson. She is so sweet and soo dreamy! Well, I mean, if I were a boy, I would die for her. She is such a good actress and is so pretty. And she is so sweet. I love Rachel Bilson and can not really think of much, actually, anything bad about Miss Rachel Bilson. I really think Rachel Bilson is really sweet and I love her so much.
  • She is the greatest actress ever! She was born on August 25, 1981 in Los Angeles, CA. I can't believe she comes from a entertainers. She caught the acting bug from her family. Her mother, father, and grandfather are producers and directors.

    I really like her, because she is about my age. I am 9 months older than her. I can't wait to see her in the show's 4 season opener. I'd like to see her in the remake of the 2001 film "The Last Kiss". Her favorite designers are Chanel and Stella McCartney. She is a pretty raven-haired. She has the nicest brown eyes. She is great as a spokesmodel for Bongo jeans. She is dating her co-star of "The OC" Adam Brody. She took the same art class as Adam Brody and Samaire Armstrong while in high school.
  • Rachel bilson is so cute!

    Rachel bilson i think is very talented. I loved her character in the O.C. She\'s so cute and gorgeous. I love her style its very vintage and trendy. Rachel is one of the most talented actresses. I think she plays very well. Rachel has a very sweet face.....its so cute. Its great that she\'s dating adam brody. I think it\'s a very cute couple. Well thats all i will say about rachel bilson.
  • Rachel Bilson is my favourite actress from the O.C. She is just so versitile, she can be funny, witty, smart, sophisticated, or any thing. I also adore how she has a real life, and a t.v. boyfriend, Adam Brody. I hope to see much more of her soon.

    I love Rachel Bilson, and also her character Summer Roberts. She is so talented, and like I said before, versitile. I cannot wait to she her upcomming movie, The Last Kiss. In the O.C. She is such a likable charater, and just stands out from all of the others. She has her attitude, her looks, her sensitivity, and most of all her spunky personality. It just makes the show so much more interesting. She is like a trademark of the O.C.. All of the little things she says, ex. I cant belive you almost got my bathing suit wet COHEN. When I think of the O.C. I mostly think of Rachel Bilson, or Summer Roberts. She is one of the main reasons I watch the show so frequently.Luv you Summer.
  • Super e

    Tq e iubimata mi aktrisa ot The O C. Rachel Bilson is so talented she plays the quirky best friend in the OC i luv it i luv it i think it would be cool if her and adam got like a reality show together that would be intresting cause shes like the celebrity who doesnt blow 100,000 in a day on a shopping spree it would be intresting to see her life outside of the oc dont you think??? stop reading here********************* Sorry im just trying to make this review longer so ill just be writting for a while well im listening to music how about you? well rachel rox im don
  • I LOVE HER!!!

    Rachel Bilson is honestly, like the cutest thing on the planet. I love her as summer on the oc!! she has awesome style and i think her and adam brody are they most perfect couple in the world. I honestly adore her. I think she's a really good actress, one of the main reasons for watching the o.c. she lights up the screen. She's really pretty. I wish i looked just like her. I would like to see more of her in like movies and stuff. I think she's a really sweet, mega talented person. I love her to pieces!!
  • She does great work and is on a big show but she should be in more blockbuster films.

    I like her work on the O.C but she could do alot more films with big companies. Her private life isn't that private when it comes to her relationship with her co-star Adam Brody. She is very pretty and should be a bigger star with big films and bigger stars. I think that she should do more than just television and movies. I love the way that she is judged on her work instead of her life with her friends and boyfriend. Also she has said that she would love to have a company but she doesn't know what kind.
  • she is so talented i think she should try her talent in movies and not just in orange county

    Rachel Bilson is so talented she plays the quirky best friend in the OC i luv it i luv it i think it would be cool if her and adam got like a reality show together that would be intresting cause shes like the celebrity who doesnt blow 100,000 in a day on a shopping spree it would be intresting to see her life outside of the oc dont you think??? stop reading here********************* Sorry im just trying to make this review longer so ill just be writting for a while well im listening to music how about you? well rachel rox im done
  • Rachel Sarah Bilson reminds me of the girl I see in my dreams.

    I must confess that I'm in love with Rachel Bilson. I can't think of any other girl who can match up to her in beauty and personality. I have a thing for Italian girls and when I found out she is of Italian descent, I became completely in love with her. My friend watches "The O.C." and I just wanted to know what the series is about. I wasn't planning on watching it. When I saw a picture of the cast, Rachel glowed in my eyes. I became interested and wanted to find out a lot about her. I'm satisfied that, at least, I share the same astrological sign as her. She is the only reason why I watch "The O.C.". Sometimes, she reminds me of the girl I see in my dreams...
  • simply great

    Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton are the hottest one of the O.C., even tough Mischa is much way more hotter, she is a very pretty and beautiful woman that is obviously very talented, and that has a clear future beyond her. When the O.C. is over, or probably before, she could get easily a hot girl role in any other TV Program or even in great movie.
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