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  • An actress of a myriad of talents.

    What made The O.C. one of the most revolutionary and best shows of the decade was its absolutely brilliant collection of awesome actors and actresses. Rachel Bilson is arguably the center of it all. Initially she was supposed to be an afterthought to Seth Cohen's childhood love, but she acted her way to the top and stapled herself into the permanent cast. At first she played a typical Orange County girl and played the dumb headed "blonde" very greatly, and then she shows that she isn't only limited to Gucci, shoes, and glamour when her character develops over the series. Rachel Bilson is a dream actress for directors because of her ability to play multiple roles at an elite level like in The Last Kiss and Jumper. If her acting abilities were truly appreciated, I wouldn't be surprised if she rises to the ranks in the Hollywood actress hierarchy like she deservedly so.