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    • Rachel: (on her relationship with Hayden Christensen) I've been in my relationship for seven years, so we've grown up together in a way. This is my partner, my support, just there for me no matter what. And vice versa.

    • Rachel: (on her boyfriend Hayden Christensen) He's so incredibly supportive and considerate. It's so basic—that should be there. Because these things are so much more important when you're older.

    • Rachel: (on starting a family) To start a family would be good, any year in the next few years. I've always wanted to be a mom. I have always wanted kids. I can just see this little toddler waddling around the house.

    • Rachel: (on her most unhealthiest habit) My unhealthiest is when I binge on Flamin' Hot Cheetos, because it happens. I binge. I can admit it. I've actually gotten better this year. It got to a point where I was eating them so much that, like, you poop red every day! You're like, 'OK, I don't know what's going through my body, but I probably should stop. There are problems.'

    • Rachel: (on the advantages of having experienced some things before being famous) I got it out of my system, so by the time I was on The O.C., I was like, 'Wow, I can just enjoy this,'. Then I started dating a costar, so it was more of a domesticated thing; you're just home or with friends—and not out to party.

    • Rachel: (on experiences while growing up) I grew up in L.A. and did all that when I was younger. I went to the clubs and did all the drugs and alcohol.

    • Rachel: (on her role on The O.C.) I kind of just take things one day at a time and do what I do and hope that I'm not known as Summer Roberts for the rest of my life. But I'm grateful that she is known, and that I'm known for her, because it's really brought me everything.

    • Rachel: (on not liking to be asked on how she stays in shape) I hate it when people are like, 'How do you stay thin?' or 'Do you work out? What's your routine? What's your diet?' Then it's like, 'If I tell you I don't, then are you going to give me a hard time?'

    • Rachel: (on her refusal to do nude scenes) I feel pretty strongly about it, morally. It's not necessary to be exploited in that kind of way. I can't say that I'll never do it, but I don't see a reason now, especially when you're still trying to establish yourself. It's just more important to be known for your acting and that you're not willing to strip down for a scene.

    • Rachel: (on the outfits of her role in The O.C.) Josh Schwartz likes to dress me up. It's uncomfortable being in that Little Miss Vixen outfit for 17 hours, but it's fun as long as you can make fun of yourself. That's key

    • Rachel: (on being a professional actress) It was like second nature in a way, because I was familiar with the sets and stuff and it wasn't like a strange world. It was like all things in life: You try it and if it makes you happy, it sticks.

    • Rachel: (on her work environment) I feel very lucky to work in the environment that I work in. I'm surrounded by people that I love and care about and who make me laugh every day. I get to work with my friends and you really can't ask for more than that.

    • Rachel: (on enjoining to act different characters) I love the fact that we play people who are not like us at all and we can just go crazy at work and then be very normal after filming.

    • Rachel: (on liking to have roles that are opposite to her personality) It's great playing someone who is not like me at all. I'm really a nice girl, so it's fun to be a bitch, then come home and be myself again. When I meet people now, they're surprised that I'm a good person.

    • Rachel: (on going after what she wants) As I've gotten older, I've realized that if you want something bad enough, you can have it. I've never gone after something I didn't get. Not yet.

    • Rachel: (on growing up with older brothers) I grew up sort of like a princess. I know that sounds awful, but I was the baby of the family. I had older brothers, so the little girl always gets everything she wants.

    • Rachel: I don't need to get married right now. I am more ready for a baby than marriage. Not really tomorrow, but definitely in the next couple of years which is the pretty near future. You have to have the guy, you know?

    • Rachel: I've always been a really maternal person. I really want a family. I love the career I have chosen, but I'd be quite happy as a housewife, at home with the kids. I think I'd be really content.

    • Rachel: (about going nude on film) Movies can be sexy or sexual without showing things. It is almost a deal breaker.

    • Rachel: My first scene on the show (The O.C.), I showed up on set and they're like "here's your little bikini, here's your little miniskirt. Now go out on the freezing beach and be drunk and basically molest Ben's character, Ryan". Ryan, ohmigod! I was like, "alright, cool!"

    • Rachel: I really do believe that if someone tries hard enough, they can get what they want. If you put all your effort towards something, you're going to be rewarded. The trick is to not give up. If you don't, anything can happen.

    • Rachel: I feel like you have to be who you are and be true to yourself first, always. You can't worry about how you're going to be perceived by other people. I have a quote that my mom taught me: "It's none of my business what other people think of me."

    • Rachel: (on how she compares to Summer, her character in "The O.C.") A lot of people are surprised by how nice I am. Summer and I are both driven, but I'm not snobby. I'm a pretty good conversationalist and I like meeting new people.

    • Rachel: I like a guy who can make fun of me and make fun of himself. He's got to have a sense of humor. A guy can be the most beautiful thing in the world but if he opens his mouth and he's not interesting it won't work.

    • Rachel: My mom taught me to do things like hug a tree and ask for a flower's permission to pick it.

    • Rachel: I just think there are no rules or regulations on love.

    • Rachel: I don't judge anyone who marries young. But I feel you should really put in the time before you make that jump.

    • Rachel: I get told I'm hot all the time. Come up with something else.

    • Rachel: I will say only this on relationships: Trust and communication are the main ingredients.

    • Rachel: You've got to use your celebrity for good stuff, not evil. I think it's lame when people act as if they're better than everyone!

    • Rachel: The more aware a man is of a woman's body, the better. He needs to know he has to tend to a woman. She might not always return the favor, but a man always has to tend to a woman first.

    • Rachel: I know of my sex appeal. I know about sexuality, and I know how to use it - tastefully, of course.