Rachel Blanchard

Rachel Blanchard


3/19/1976, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Rachel Elise Blanchard



Also Known As

Rachael Blanchard
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Rachel Blanchard is one of the greatest gifts Canada has given to the rest of the world. She has appeared in US, Canada and UK television series and done big budget mainstream Hollywood films as well as small indy films.


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    • Rachel: I have a friend who puts some pretty provocative pictures on Facebook and every address she's ever lived at and I think... I just don't understand it. I do think it's kind of dangerous. The internet is amazing, but there is definitely a limit and I don't think we've really realized what that limit should be. It can be kind of isolating and it can be completely obsessive; just the need to check everything all the time. I'm taking a little break from the internet right now. I'm still using my e-mail, which isn't that much of a break, but I'm trying not to use the internet too much right now and I'm not on Facebook or Skype. You don't want to live your life around a computer.

    • Rachel: I think there are two types of independent films. There are good independent films and then there are independent films that make you wonder, "Why did anyone make this?"

    • Rachel Blanchard: It's interesting that people are more obsessed with sexuality than with violence toward women.

    • Rachel Blanchard: I have dreams, and sometimes you wonder how far you'll go for those dreams, especially when the boundaries of work are very ill-defined. I walk out of some auditions thinking, "I can't believe I just did that."

  • One of the most beautiful women in the entire world!!!

    Rachel Blanchard is a very good actress. I think she should have more starring roles in movies and television. She had the starring role in the badly written and very poorly produced “Clueless” which was a televisionization of the high-quality, well written motion picture of the same name. Many ignorant who are unable to think things out properly, think that Rachel is to blame because the show sucked. Not so. She did not write, produce or direct it.

    Another thing that make Rachel stand out is that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. If everyone that ever lived was lined up according to gorgeousness of appearance, Rachel would be only a few people from the head of the line. The only reason she wouldn’t be number one is because the others cut in front and she would be too polite to say anything.