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    • Rachel Boston: (on her storyline in American Dreams) I think more importantly to me with what's going on right now in Iraq. Just shooting a scene where I find out my fiancé is Missing In Action and then coming back to my dressing room and turning on the news and seeing other women deal with it right now. It's just, this show has never been more relevant. So I'm really proud of the work they're giving us to do.

    • Rachel Boston: (making fun of the Tennessee stereotype) I wear shoes everyday!

    • Rachel Boston: I'm a Tennessean at heart, and a New Yorker in spirit.

    • Rachel Boston: (during high school) Academics are 95 percent of my life. I like to overload myself with schoolwork.

    • Rachel Boston: Beth is such a dream role. I love playing a strong, independent young woman who isn't afraid to be different.

    • Rachel Boston: (on the best and worst parts of her role on American Dreams) The panty hose are a killer. We've definitely evolved to a more comfortable time in terms of clothes. But when it comes to what touches me, it's the women I've met who've said, "Thank you for telling my story, for being a war bride." It's easy to forget that so many people have loved ones very far away, but then you meet someone in that situation, and realize how relevant the whole show is today.

    • Rachel Boston: (on working on the set of American Dreams) It's very loose. We joke around a lot. Actually Monday we were shooting and joking around and we turned around and knocked over a whole table because we were dancing. In the table reads, we are always laughing. Everything seems really funny to us. It's awesome.

    • Rachel Boston: (referring to former co-star, Will Estes) He's a great guy. We hit it off right away. We are pretty close friends. Tomorrow I actually have to go in just to kiss him - that's my scene. I go in and I have a make-out scene. I was looking at the schedule and I said, "This can't be right. That's so weird."

    • Rachel Boston: I knew one person in the entire city of New York. Looking back, I should have been terrified, but I was just excited to living in New York on my own and acting professionally.

    • Rachel Boston: Going to dance and singing classes as a child, I always knew performing would be a part of my life. I just never dreamed I'd be doing it professionally in New York and Los Angeles.