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  • Trivia

    • In 2007, Rachel placed #20 on Oddee's list of the '20 Ugliest Celebrities'. The website states "Don't get us wrong: we love Rachel. Her SNL sketches are hilarious, she's a great actress. But we are sorry to say she truly earned the last place on our list.".

    • Rachel admits her comments to New York magazine in April 2008 were pleas to the world for help with her employment future and that they did.

    • Rachel has a brother named Daniel Dratch. Daniel has helped write multiple episodes for such television series as Monk and The Man Show.

    • At an even 5 feet (1.52 m) tall, she is the second shortest regular cast member ever to appear on Saturday Night Live, being 16 inches (41 cm) shorter than the tallest cast members: Chevy Chase, Kevin Nealon, or Randy Quaid. (Denny Dillon was the shortest cast member, standing only 4 ft 11 in (1.50 m) tall.)

    • One of Rachel's guilty pleasure's is the TV show Intervention.

    • One of Rachel's comdic influences is Gilda Radner.

    • Rachel's impression of Calista Flockhart/ Ally McBeal on SNL was "cheered" by TV Guide.

    • In 2006, Rachel was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category of Choice Comedian.

    • Rachel's first impression on Saturday Night Live was as Calista Flockhart.

    • Was named #126 out of 137, and SNL's Debbie Downer, on Entertainment Weekly's Must List in 2004.

    • Rachel's many recurring characters on SNL include Calista Flockhart, Denise McKenna, Elian Gonzalez, Virginia Klarvin, Sheldon from "Wake Up, Wakefield!", Lynn Bershad, Anne Robinson, Harry Potter, and Nicole, "The Girl With No Gaydar", and Debbie Downer.

    • Graduated from Dartmouth College in 1988 where she majored in drama and psychology. She is also an alumna of Lexington High School in Massachusetts.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: (on Studio 60 on the Sunset Stip) What's weird to me about it is that they're so serious about comedy. In the real comedy world, no one's like, "We've got to change people!"

    • Rachel: (in December, 2008) I'm in a musical, but don't spin this like 'poor Rachel finally got a job. I'm in this musical called Minsky's that's going to L.A., and then it's hopefully going to Broadway. It's by the writer who did The Drowsy Chaperone. And the music's by Charles Strouse, who wrote Annie! He's like 80, and he's fit as a fiddle. And he's at the rehearsal - I got to go up to him and say I used to dance around to Annie in my living room. He was very nice and gracious and said, 'It's so great to touch someone's life'.

    • Rachel (on her plans for Passover 2008): I can't go to Passover because I got another job! I have to go to L.A. tomorrow for a pilot. Oh, and you know what else happened? The Craig Ferguson show called me up a couple of days ago and were like, 'Hey, will you do the show again?'.

    • Rachel (on the public's reaction to her commnts of unemployment and her future): The cute thing is, three people on the street that day… someone out yelled out of a cab, 'I read New York Magazine, and I think you're great!' Another guy came up to me, like, 'I'm rooting for ya!' And, actually, a couple days after that, I got a job! At the Westport Playhouse, it's [the theater famously revived by] Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. This is bad, because I don't know if it's called Scrambled with a 'd' or just Scramble. So I'll have to fact-check that.

    • Rachel (on her comments of unemployment to New York magazine, to New York magazine a few weeks later): What I actually said was, I'm not doing anything, like, right now. But then when I saw the big word 'UNEMPLOYED,' I was, like, 'Oh, shit.' What I actually said wasn't as dire as the story. But after that came out - you know, you don't want to have the stank of unemployment connected to you.

    • Rachel (on not being featured in Vanity Fair's women in comedy cover story, featuring a dozen top comediennes-none of whom was her): Dude, that was a dark day. I was like, Oh, there's everyone I worked with.

    • Rachel (in Apr. 2008, on being out-of-work): It's starting to get old, i'm starting to go crazy. I'm ready for a job. I'd work in a black-box theater company at this point. I'd work with George W. (Bush).

    • Rachel: (on being recast from the role as Jenna on 30 Rock) I think the big thing was-at least what they told me-that at first they wanted to have more comedy sketches in the show. Then they decided they weren't going to focus on the sketches, so they needed more of a sitcom actress, as opposed to a character actress....That's the party line, at least-it's what I can tell my parents!

    • Rachel: (about growing up watching 'Saturday Night Live') It was a ritual of mine. Gilda was my favorite. Looking back, the thing I loved about her was just-- I don't know, you never saw a "woman comedian." There was no separation, or gender thing. Being in Chicago and hearing "women aren't funny" and all that stuff, I liked her most.