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Rachel Fox


7/23/1996, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA

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Rachel G. Fox
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In June 2005, Rachel Fox and her family went on a family vacation to Los Angeles. They didn't go back home to Ohio until 14 months later. During their LA family vacation, Rachel attended a movie and television acting camp, while her sister attended tennis camp. It was…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rachel is on the track team at her school and is a Presidential Fitness Award winner.

    • In addition to acting, Rachel loves singing and dancing. She loves singing popular, contemporary songs, such as "Bop to the Top" and "Breaking Free" from High School Musical and the theme song of the Disney animated show, Kim Possible.

    • Rachel's voice trainers are Rye Randa and Roger Burnley.

    • Rachel is a Mock Trial participant.

    • Just before Rachel's departure from Desperate Housewives, she hosted a tour of the set of the show's setting, Wisteria Lane. The video can be found on Youtube and on rachelgfox.com.

    • Rachel was at the Grand Opening for The Simpsons Ride in 2008.

    • Rachel's favorite Desperate Housewives episodes that she filmed are No Fits, No Fights, No Feuds from season three, and Opening Doors and Mother Said from season four.

    • Rachel officially released the music video for her song iShop on May 19, 2008 on her official website.

    • Rachel was in the 6th grade during the 2007-2008 school year, making her the Class of 2010.

    • Rachel switched from CESD Talent Agency to United Talent Agency in 2008.

    • Rachel was nominated for a SAG Award in 2008 along with her Desperate Housewives candidates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

    • Rachel's hobbies include designing clothes, going to the spa for a Vichy shower and massage, watching football, playing soccer, volleyball, tennis, and golf, dancing, swimming, running, ice skating, roller blading, going to amusement parks, shopping, and wakeboarding.

    • Rachel's height is 4'7".

    • Rachel says that she would like to be a rock star or lawyer when she grows up, as well as an actress.

    • Rachel appeared at the premieres for movies such as Bee Movie, Bratz, Meet the Robinsons, and Shrek The Third.

    • Rachel's favorite Shrek movie is Shrek the Third.

    • Rachel likes eating pickles rolled up in salami, bagels and cream cheese, and chunky soup.

    • Rachel's favorite color is fuchsia.
      Her favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

    • Rachel is schooled by a set teacher when she is on the set of a television series or movie.

    • Rachel did an interview with Access Hollywood on February 20, 2007. The interview re-aired on April 3, 2007.

    • Rachel adapts well to change.

    • Rachel can memorize lines quickly.

    • Rachel was a Presidential Fitness Award Recipient in 2006.

    • Rachel thought she was dreaming when she discovered that she would be on Desperate Housewives.

    • Rachel says if she could star in a movie based on a book, she would play Gwen from The Dark Is Rising.

    • Rachel was a nominee at the 28th Annual Young Artists Awards. Her nomination was for Best Performance in a TV Series, Recurring Young Actress, for her work on ABC's Desperate Housewives.

    • Rachel says that every time she is on the set, it is like a fairy tale.

    • Rachel says that Miley Cyrus is nice and bubbly.

    • Rachel thinks Zac Efron is a fantastic dancer and singer. He is her biggest crush.

    • Rachel started her acting career at the young age of nine.

    • Rachel hates grabbing a tissue and ripping only a small piece.
      She does not like fighting with her sister.
      She hates cold weather.
      She hates being late.
      She hates traffic.
      She hates bad hair days.
      She hates rushing.
      She hates going to bed early and waking up early.

    • Rachel played Laurel Hall in a theater version of The Jungle Book.

    • Rachel liked working on Alias because she was able to prove that she can be a good dramatic actress.

    • Rachel and her friend and manager, Jessie Greene, attended the 2007 SAG Awards.

    • Rachel is very athletic and adventurous.

    • At the 2007 Screen Actors Guild Awards, Rachel walked and twirled on the red carpet in a white and silver-sequined dress. The dress was designed by Bev Shorkend of Un Deux Trois.

    • On a Los Angeles vacation in June 2005, Rachel attended an acting camp, while her sister was attending tennis camp. That was when her parents discovered her acting gift.

    • Rachel's agent works for the CESD Talent Agency.

    • Rachel got her first big break when she got the role of Buffy on That's So Raven.

    • Rachel did a voice over for the Ant Kid in the PC game Ant Bully.

    • Rachel was the lead in a music video for a song titled "Image Of The Invisible," performed by Thrice.

    • Rachel did the voice over for a female child in the PC game Thrillville.

    • In June 2005, Rachel and her family went on a vacation to Los Angeles.They didn't return to Ohio until 14 months later. The trip was taken to visit friends they left so abruptly.

    • Rachel's top ten favorite things to do are:

      1. Go shopping
      2. Going to the beach
      3. Para-sailing
      4. Rock-climbing
      5. Singing
      6. Dancing
      7. Designing clothes
      8. Watching Disney channel or a good movie
      9. Golfing
      10. Running track

    • Rachel was invited to walk the red carpet at the Ally and AJ concert on December 10 to benefit the Amber Watch Foundation.

    • Rachel was in a commercial for the Toyota Sienna.

    • Rachel's first role was on Jimmy Kimmel Live when she was nine years old.

    • Rachel has a recurring role as Kelly in Adventures In Odyssey.

  • Quotes

    • Rachel: Nim's Island is spectacular. I love the chemistry between Jodie Foster, Abigail Breslin, and Gerard Butler. They are all fantastic in this movie. The imagination scenes are really detailed and real and you've gotta go see this movie to know exactly what I mean.

    • Rachel (about Desperate Housewives): I cannot tell anything about what's going on. But I'll say this, you'll be gripped and shocked and, oh my gosh, you are never going to believe what's happening on Wisteria Lane. Marc Cherry is an incredible writer and creator. He thinks of things other people may not think of. It makes his ideas so different and he keeps people guessing.

    • Rachel: Aside from the amazing actors on Desperate Housewives, I would so love to work with Will Smith. He is hysterical and he has so much charisma, that I would love to be around him. Hayden Christensen is another amazing actor. He was incredible in Star Wars. Zac Efron is so cute and he's a fantastic dancer and singer. Jim Carrey definitely is an actor I'd love to work with. He is so good in so many different roles. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Bruce Almighty were so funny that my family and I were roaring with laughter. As far as actresses, it would be so incredible to work with Julia Roberts. She was great in Mystic Pizza, The Pelican Brief, and Pretty Woman. But again, there are just so many great performers that every time I am lucky enough to work and play with someone new, it is a wonderful dream-come-true.

    • Rachel: Every time I'm on the set, it's like a fairytale dream.

    • Rachel: Miley Cyrus is really nice and really bubbly. She's such a great singer and she's so funny. Her dad, Mr. Billy Ray is also really nice and very welcoming. Raven is cool and very fashionable. Her shoes -- well, she is the Shoe Queen. I'd love to have just one pair. When she's working, she's really focused and it is really amazing to watch her do her thing. Brent and Shane Kinsman are so funny. They are very different from each other, even though they're twins. One is more quiet than the other. Can you guess which one is quieter and which one is more outgoing? They never bug me. When we're on the set and not in school, we get the chance to talk and hang out a little. Also, Zane Huett, who plays Parker on Desperate Housewives, is so cool. I love working with him and it is so fun having three brothers on the show. If I could go back and do any show again, I'd do them all! Each one had a different personality. Each show was so happy and so fun to be on. I would go crazy if I could sing on stage with Hannah Montana or Aly and AJ. I've just written my first song and am working on getting it recorded.

    • Rachel: I'm saving for my future mansion.

    • Rachel (About her DH character, Kayla): I don't like her. She's mean to Lynette. Everytime I watch that scene of Kayla walking up the stairs bonking the doll's head on the stairs I feel like crying. It hurts so badly.

    • Rachel (About Desperate Housewives): Being on the set is like a fairytale. It's that and then 10 times more amazing. Working with Miss Felicity and Mr. Doug is so amazing. They are so professional and I learn so much from them. It's so fun working with Zane, Brent, and Shane. One of my favorite scenes was when they dragged me out of the restaurant into Lynnette's car. We were all screaming and laughing. It was great!

    • Rachel: It is an honor to be nominated for the Young Artist Awards. Doing what I love, then being recognized for it is awesome. I appreciate all the hard work of the nominating committee and all the people who put the Nomination Party and Awards Banquet together. One man said he stayed up until 3am working on it. That's amazing.

    • Rachel: Style is everything.

    • Rachel: Sometimes people talk to me at airports, at the video store, and other cool places, like at Abercrombie. It's so fun talking to people and answering their questions.

    • Rachel: People recognize me and ask me if I am Kayla on Desperate Housewives. The other day at my school soccer game, a girl on the other team asked me if I was Kayla on Desperate Housewives...right there on the soccer field! It made me feel bubbly.

    • Rachel: Playing Kelly on AIO is so fun, but it is hard being mean to the Washington family and Connie. Katie Leigh (Connie), Courtney Brown (Tamika), and Mark Christopher Lawrence (Ed Washington), are so nice in real life that I had to work hard to be angry and mean.

    • Rachel (about finding out she got the role as Kayla on Desperate Housewives): I felt like I was dreaming. I was in a swimming pool playing with my friends and my mom came and told me. I felt like I was going to cry I was so happy!

    • Rachel: Working on the set is playing to me and playing is never tiring.

    • Rachel: Every minute I'm on the set, it's play time for me. I feel like I'm on the beach.

    • Rachel: If you pick a job that you love, you will never work a day in your life.

  • Really talented!

    If you ask me, i think she can be the next Dekota Fanning! I mean she is so talented at playing the mean girl. I loved her on iCarly. She was so sassy and she is really an amazing actress. She's also seriously beautiful. I mean its like a once in a while you get such great actresses like Rachel. I think she deserves a show, no! a movie. she deserves so many things in life. I mean she is so talented and so young. I just hope her acting talent doesnt go downhill like Kyle Massey. I love her!moreless
  • This amazing child actress began her career at the early age of nine.

    In my one hundredth review, I will be reviewing Rachel Fox. She really is an amazing actress and she gets such wonderful parts. Best of all, this amazing child actress began her career at the early age of nine years old. I loved her role as Sydney on the series finale of Alias. She is a great dramatic actress. She is also amazing as Kayla on Desperate Housewives. Rachel Fox is definitely gifted and talented. She is so amazing. In my opinion, she is better than a lot of adult actors. She is definitely a personal favorite of mine. I wouldn't be surprised if she was everyone else's personal favorite, too.moreless