Rachel Gordon

Rachel Gordon


5/10/1976, Brisbane, Australia

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Rachel Gordon was born on May 10th 1976 in Brisbane, Australia. Rachel moved to Sydney with her parents and four siblings, where she grew up. Rachel studied for 2 years at The National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), where she met fellow student and actor (now husband), Scott…more


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    • Rachel Gordon: Be kind to yourself and others and do what makes you happy. As Joseph Campbell says..."Follow your bliss."

    • Rachel Gordon: (her character Jazz on Home And Away)
      I like playing her. She is a real character...not all good...not all bad. The grey areas are the best part of a character, I think.

    • Rachel Gordon: I am very interested in directing and producing. Perhaps this is something that may develop over the next couple of years.

    • Rachel Gordon: I am constantly embarrassing myself on set. I am very clumsy and often find myself laughing hysterically for no reason.

    • Rachel Gordon: I had such a good time there. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. (about her time on Home And Away)

    • Rachel Gordon: I had such a good time there. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard in my life. (about her time on Home And Away)

    • Rachel Gordon: I loved playing Amy Fox. The best thing about doing a role on a long running tv series is that you get to explore the complexities of the character in many different situations.

    • Rachel Gordon: I thoroughly enjoyed my time working on Blue Heelers. I formed such close relationships with my co workers and learnt a lot about the craft of acting for camera.

    • Rachel Gordon: Each show has its own life and there's a different energy to Neighbours and Home And Away

    • Rachel Gordon: Jazz is another fun character and one that I'm enjoying.
      (about her character on Home And Away

    • Rachel Gordon: I feel so lucky. I'm just grateful to work on such popular shows.
      (about her roles on Neighbours and Home And Away)

    • Rachel Gordon: (on playing a baddie on Neighbours) After working on Heelers for two years, playing a cop who was always on the morally right side of things, it was great to play someone who had much more of a chequered past… People have quite enjoyed Charlotte. People like seeing someone getting up to mischief. You need an unsettling influence to keep them on their toes.

    • Rachel Gordon: (on one day returning to Neighbours) I would be more than open to that kind of thing. Who knows what the future holds?

    • Rachel Gordon: (about her character on Neighbours) Charlotte acts very innocent. She tries to play the damsel in distress and she does that very well.

    • Rachel Gordon: I've just always wanted to work on good stuff and I'd love that to be here in Australia, but I'm not cutting off the possibility of going overseas.

    • Rachel: (on what she's been up to since finishing "Blue Heelers") It's been about a year and I've been doing lots of stuff - lots of travelling. It's been beautiful spending time with my husband because we got married in the middle of filming Blue Heelers, so I didn't get a chance to see him much then. I also did a few guest spots on TV travel show Queensland Weekender, and some theatre.

    • Rachel Gordon: All I ever wanted was a house with a white picket fence, a veranda and a garden and I've got all that now, so I couldn't be happier.

    • Rachel Gordon: Acting is a great profession if you're studying psychology. Your work is all about people and their motivation, which is exactly what psychology deals with.

    • Rachel Gordon: Sometimes in life you run into people in your travels who you are meant to walk the planet with and my Scott is one of them.

    • Rachel Gordon: It was all very exciting. We worked together for about four weeks. But we couldn't stop laughing when I had to get serious with him. (about working with her husband Scott on Blue Heelers.)

    • Rachel Gordon: It's a privilege to be working as an actor in this country. I'm incredibly grateful.

    • Rachel Gordon: I'm very lucky - he's an undeserved gift with a voice like an angel. I just love being in his audience. (on her husband Scott Johnson).

    • Rachel Gordon: As an actor, when you're involved in such heavy emotional pieces, you try not to take your work home.

    • Rachel: Now I'm on the wrong side of the law - it's great fun! (about her role on Neighbours)

    • Rachel Gordon: I really like strong and intelligent women and as you get older, you naturally become far more interesting.

    • Rachel Gordon: I think I suit being a woman more than a girl.

    • Rachel Gordon: I've always felt older than I am but finally, I feel I'm growing into my right age, which is really nice. I embrace getting older.

    • Rachel Gordon: It's far more interesting to play someone who has a few battle scars than someone who is beautiful and carefree.

    • Rachel Gordon: If I don't feel it, how will I act it?

    • Rachel Gordon: As an actor I need to continually search for my own truth and, in the process, inhabit every emotion in the spectrum.

    • Rachel Gordon: At least I don't have to pay for therapy, I just go to Mt Thomas!

  • Amazing and talented.

    Rachel Gordon is an incredibly talented actor. I fell in love with her character Amy Fox in Blue Heelers and thought Rachel was amazing, she brought so much depth to the show and to her character. One standout performance for me was in the episode 'Monster', in which her character faces her past. A heart-stopping performance, it felt so real and had me speechless. I also loved her in the movie Thunderstruck as Molly, hilarious. Rachel is obviously a talented actor and a great person. I really look forward to seeing more of her talent on our screens in the future.moreless
  • I continued to watch Blue Heelers because of Rachael Gordon.

    A excellent actor who I think should get a logie!

    With Blue Heelers going down hill and the big change to try and keep ratings I was not happy and considering not watching the show anymore. That was until Rachael Gordon started on the show.

    Since she has been on I now only really watch because of her and her acting.

    When you see a good actor you cannot describe what it is about them that keeps you glued to the TV and Rachael does that for me.

    I also remember seeing Rachel on All Saints and although I was not a fan of the character I would have liked her to stay on the show.

    She is a very beautiful lady and I love her hair!

    Now that Blue Heelers has ended I hope to see her back on Australian TV soon...moreless