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  • Rachel Griffiths is probably one of the greatest actress out there. Even though she isn't always in commercials or heard of movies, you can notice her talent in "Six Feet Under", Muriel's Wedding, and other movies.

    It's amazing how she being australian, can do flawless american accents. All her roles show another side of her. Very versatile and always suprising and progressing as an actress.Even though she isn't always in commercials or heard of movies, you can notice her talent in "Six Feet Under", Muriel's Wedding, and other movies.
  • Rachel Griffiths currently plays Sarah Whedon on Brothers & Sisters.

    Before Brothers & Sisters started this year, I had never seen any of Rachel's work as an actress, but I did hear about her when Six Feet Under was on. After having seen her in Brothers & Sisters, I have to say that I think that Rachel is an incredibly tallented actress. One of the things that I like most about Brothers & Sisters is that the writing is a perfect blend of drama and comedy. At times Brothers & Sisters can be very dramatic, and I have to say that I enjoy the dramatic aspect of Brothers & Sisters the most when part of the drama comes from the character Sarah and her storylines. Rachel handles the dramatic aspect of Brothers & Sisters perfectly. Rachael's performance in the episode Bad News is certainly proof of that. She also does a great job with the show's comedic material as well. All in all, Rachel Griffiths is an incredibly talented actress, and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future.
  • Amazing actress.

    Rachel Griffiths is without a doubt an amazing actress. The first time I saw her was on Six Feet Under, where she played the eccentric and gifted Brenda Chenowith. Now we can admire Rachel in Brothers & Sisters, where she does a great job playing the interesting character Sarah Whedon.

    To me Rachel is one of the most talented actresses ever. You believe everything she does because it seems so real. She can make you hate her of make you love her, but she'll always make you feel something. This is a pure talent and I hope to see much more of her in the future.

    She's truly inspiring.
  • personal faveorite of brothers and sisters where she plays the character sarah whose a memeber of the huge family. the walkers.

    shes my favorite person in brothers and sisters. shes a very talented woman!! and very pretty. shes does such a good job on this show shes a great inspiration!!! i want tob e an actress when i grow up soo shes been very inspiring to me! she can make me laugh, cry, or cry cause im laughing so hard or anything! shes so incredible its ah-mazing. its so amazing that a person can set such a good example for young, aspiring actors! i really admire her so much. shes a true beauty and great actress. shes so good. i love to watch her act!
  • Rachel Griffiths~amazing in the scene after leaving her daughters school. Supurb acting!

    The writers obviously have a child near and dear to them that attends public school and has type 1 diabetes (aka juvenile diabetes).
    Knowing that a school nurse could lose a testing kit and the frustration that this mother was feeling...this was not creative thinking from a writer, this was actually someone’s auto-biography. I’ve lived it.
  • Amazing actress...

    Rachel Griffiths, best known as Brenda Chenowith from Six Feet Under; she can make you laugh, cry, love her or hate her so easily, she makes you belive on her character, get involved with it, care for it.
    Rachel's accent is very different of what you hear on Six Feet Under, and I think that's a really big quality as an actress, the first time I heard her real accent I was shocked, I just couldn't belive it.
    Rachel is capable of playing two characters totally opposed at the same time, as we see in the movie... well I don't remember the name right now but she was the main character and she found her "other self" who was married and had kids while the "real" one was living alone, then they exchanged their lives...
    Amazing actress...