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  • Can't act.

    Nice looking.
  • Rachel Hunter has been a fashion model since she was 17 years old, and has appeared in many magazines. She is also an actress who had minor roles in some movies, and is a host for reality TV shows. She was also married to Rod Stewart for a short time.

    I think that Rachel Hunter is an incredibly hot actress. I saw her in The Real Gilligan's Island and I thought she looked good with all these other girls on the cover of the Sports illustrated magazine. I know that she has been in a couple of movies that I haven't seen yet, but I intend to soon. And she looked so, so hot in the Stacy's mom video. I think that she has pretty blonde hair and an amazingly hot body. She looks great in a bikini. I do feel bad that she and Rod Stewart are divorced. Actor/actress relationships don't always seem to work out. I hope she is in more movies soon and I wish I could meet her someday.
  • Rachel is Hot!

    i've been following Rachel Hunter's careerr since the late 1980's and since her devorce from Rod Stewart, I been following her career even closer. I saw her in the video "Stacey's Mom" and I saw her layout for Playboy magazine. they both look outstanding. I have collected pictures of her and I got them at home. I even wrote a few letters to Rachel. she is only a few supermodels that I ever admired. she is a wonder. I love her pictures and she's gorgeous. she's one of a kind. I admired her a lot and I hope that i can see her again on television.