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Rachel Hyde-Harvey

Rachel Hyde-Harvey


Romsey, Kent, UK

Birth Name

Rachel Hyde-Harvey



Also Known As

Rachel Harvey
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Started off her career in the Busted's first video 'What i go to school for' as one of the schoolgirls running in the crowd.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Her acting, past and present, has been excellent!!

    I first discovered Rachel in I Dream, and thought she pulled off playing a moody American teenager very well. She also had the best American accent I have heard in a while!

    I then found her My Family episodes, and thought she was wonderful as the ditzy Fiona, and it made a change to other roles she had been in.

    I also think her appearance in Holby City is absoloutely amazing. She makes you really feel for Amy, and you're constantly left needing to know what's going to happen to her next.

    Adding to all this is the fact that Rachel is absloutely full of talent, and is a great singer, and extremely talented.moreless
  • Rachel Hyde Harvey is talented, gorgeous, a great role model for all ages. She has a wonderful voice, and acting talent.

    Rachel Hyde Harvey is a talented 18 year old, who has a voice which is outstanding, and has great acting talents as well. She has become one of my all time favourites. Since I saw her in the Children’s TV show I Dream, I have always thought of her as a fantastic Actor and singer. She can put on good accents, and has emotional expressions which can make her a great actress. She is popular with many of the fans which support the TV show. The multi-talented girl will hopefully rise to be an international superstar, as her talents are never ending. I like Rachel for the fact that she isn’t the type of actress who seems like a self-obsessed and spoilt kind of girl who will make peoples lives a misery, just because she is talented. Many people adore famous A list celebrities like Brad Pitt. But not all celebrities are chosen to star in films and TV shows are talented, all they have to offer are their looks. Rachel has more to offer than that. She is gifted.moreless