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Rachel Luttrell


Rachel Luttrell Fan Reviews (2)

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  • Overall you are an extremely talented actress and my personal favourite.

    Hey Rachel. I think you are a fantastic actress and your character is one of my favourite characters on TV, and in both the Stargate series. I love how your character balances the hard, strong fighter personality well with the calm and relaxed side of her. I always find that the more you are involved in an episode the more I enjoy it and will happily watch it over and over again. I think your doing a wonderful job and I hope to see more from you. You're a great actress and you're doing a fantastic job in Atlantis. I hate that it is comming to an end but I hope you continue acting. You have an amazing talent.
  • 10
    Hi, Rachel, you are a very talented and a good character. I am not sure if you are into Marcheal Arts but it looks like you are doing a good job in the show. I love your act and everything. You are my favorite character in the show. I hope you will not quit with Stargate Atlantis, because you are good at it. Rachel and everyone in your crew is good but you are my most favorite. I hope you will stay and not quit, but i have one question about the whole show, when is it over? I am not saying that it is not good. All i am saying is that i hope it wont end. My email is From, your fan