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    • Fox News president, Roger Ailes, personally selected Toronto Sun columnist, Rachel Marsden, for the "Red Eye" panel. Rachel was seen by Ailes as a more conservative balance to the rest of the panel. Multiple news stories have stated or implied that she was selected for a "sultry" manner and "long legs." There is no statement form Fox News or Roger Ailes to legitimize those two views.

    • Rachel Marsden is a fan of the hockey player Wayne Gretzky and the Vancouver hockey team, the Canucks.

    • Rachel's radio program, "The Rachel Marsden Show", was heard on CITR 101.9 FM in Vancouver, Canada. Early in 2007, the show went on hiatus due to her recurring role on "Red Eye."

    • Rachel Marsden was a competitive swimmer in her home country of Canada. She still holds swimming records in her home province, British Columbia.

    • Rachel grew up on her parents' farm and sold eggs from the family driveway. Her pet chicken, Brenda, was always with her to attest to the farm freshness of the eggs. Brenda was named after Rachel's Sunday school teacher.

    • Rachel Marsden grew up speaking both French and English and considers both her native languages. She uses both in her work and has "no hint of an accent in either language."

    • Rachel Marsden has a pet cat.

  • Quotes

    • Marsden: You know your country's a mess when you have an election and don't bother getting around to talking about gays and abortion.