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  • Rachel McAdams is wow, just wow.

    Rachel McAdams is wow, just wow. She is just too good for words, if only she would quit smoking! She is one of the few actual actors out there, and she is hardly out there in the paper's doing stupid stuff to grab public attention. People love her because she is talented. It is unbelieveable how she can change from being a b**** in Mean Girls, to other amazing projects she has done, like The Time Traveller's Wife, which I can tell you now is PHENOMENAL! I love the movie and I watch it again and again. I wish I meet her one day!
  • Rachel McAdams is: pretty funny super- duper cool! talented an ah-mazing person And takes Hollywood (and Canada) by storm!!!

    Karen (Amanda Seyfried): I can't go out *cough, cough* I'm sick.
    Regina *Rachel McAdams* Boo, you w****.

    Rachel McAdams is sooooooooooooooo pretty. No, I'm not les, I'm just saying that because it's true. I was reading an article about her and it said she didn't have to claw her way to the top because she's so pretty and talented. And it's soooo true. And she's back together with Ryan Gosling. There's pictures somewhere in this world that prove it. I saw it in People magazine. :D Anyway, I just like like her for a lot of reasons. Why do you like her??? ~~~~~*****M.M.*****~~~~~
  • You seen her as the mean b**c h in "Mean Girls" and then she went soft on you and fell in love in "The Notebook". Plus she snagged Hollywood's most eligible bachelor.

    I loooove this girl she can act and I guess she has room to boast but doesn't. I mean I couldn't stand in "Mean Girls" because I thought she was a b**c h. I didn't think anyone (eve n on TV) could be soooo cruel. But I grew soft spot in my heart when she played Allie in "The Notebook". Greatest movie ever. I still cry every time I see that movie. She has some good acting chops. What are the odds of someone hooking up with their co-star in a love story. Well she did. I was kind of glad she got with Ryan. I mean they make such a good couple. Hope it lasts. But it probably will. I also loved her quirky, naive character in "Wedding Crashers" alongside Vince Vaughnn and Owen Wilson. Good job on playing that naive character oh so well. She prepares for her roles so well. I read somewhere that she took sailing classes for her role in aforementioned movie. What's not to love about her.
  • Beautiful

    Rachel McAdams is definitely one of my current favorite actresses. She did an awesome performance in Mean Girls and an even more extraordinary incredible performance on her role in The Notebook. She was also fun to watch in The Wedding Crashers. I also loved her performance in Red Eye she definitely got me sliding down the edges of my seat I was so worried she was going to get killed. This is one actress that knows what she's doing and she's a great actress when it comes to crying on spot. Overall she's talented and what makes her even more is her beauty.
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    Rachel McAdams is a very talented actress. I think that she is just beginning with an amazing start of career, she has played numerous roles in movies like "The Hot Chick", "Mean Girls" or "Wedding Crashers" and she is great in all of them. I really like her style, and she is certainly one great actress in way to become even a greater one. She is great.
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    Rachel McAdams is in Mean Girls, as the leader of the plastics and she also plays a very modest character in Wedding Crashers as the gal who Owen Wilson's character falls for. Even though she hasn't been in too much, I can tell that she can adapt to any roll she is given and perform beautifully.
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    Yeah, Rachel McAdams is a good actress, but what really puts her over the top is her ability to adapt to acting in dramatic roles to acting in comedic roles. She pulls them both off wonderfully. Of all her movies, my favorite has to be "Wedding Crashers."
  • She is original and talented!

    Rachel McAdams is great actress! I know her from a lot of movies! She acted in 'Mean Girls' (Regina George) with Lindsay Lohan, 'The Notebook' (Allie Hamilton), 'Wedding Crashers' (Claire Cleary) with Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn,..... And sooo many other great movies! Rachel is very beautifull and so talented! Very original!
  • She's the meanest...

    Rachel played in a lot of movies and mostly comedies such as 'Wedding Crashers', 'Family Stone', 'Mean Girls' and 'Hot Chick'. She also acted in a love drama 'Notebook'. There she showed that every category of a movie suits her. She's also one of my fave actors!!!! She is gorgeous, talented and she isn't spoiled at all! Can't wait for her new movie to come out!!!
  • A superb actress, Rachel has proved that Canadian girls really do rock!!

    Rachel McAdams is one of the most talented actresses Hollywood has seen in a long time. Classy, stylish, and versatile, she gracefully goes from one role to another, even if it’s from a man trapped in a girl’s body, to a terribly mean girl, to a 1940’s sweetheart. Talented and beautiful, Rachel is sure to rise as one of our time’s most cherished actress.
  • She is a really good actress and wow so pretty.

    She is a really good actress and wow so pretty. Rachel Mcadams is really cool. I love her style and loved her role in Mean Girls and as Allie in The Notebook. I am so happy that she is an actress. She sounds like she would be a really good singer too. But she would be a much better actress. I mean, she IS currently a better actress. I never heard her sing. She is really pretty and really sweet. Not no mention funny and a REALLY good actress. I think Rachel McAdams is underrated and should be treated better.
  • Rachel McAdams is a taleneted and gorgeous actor!

    Rachel is very beautiful and talented. Her style is great and her acting is superb. I loved her in mean girls (even though her character was b***hy). I also like her in the notebook. Her character was kinda sweet. I also liked her in the family stone. She was a very funny and honest character.

    Well thats all i will say about rachel!
  • One of the best actresses I have seen

    Rachel McAdams is like the best actress in her age range for sure. She's still young and has starred in 2 of the most popular teen films in the past few years. Mean Girls was such a good movie. I memorized every single word in the script lol. And the Notebook was just so unbelievably fantastic! The best love story in a longgg time. She did a really good job in Red Eye too. She can act perfect in so many different films that it just shows how good of an actress she is. She is going to be HUGE!
  • The Best.period.

    Rachel is definatly the best actress ever. She's gorgeous, talented and she has an head on her shoulders: all of her work his breathe taking,and she recently been involved in POV (presenting our vision). She made it big in a short time, and she is probably going to stay at the top forever. She's the best. Period.
  • she's probably the hottest young actress around.

    she did a great job in her movie the notebook. i especially like her in the movie mean girls. she had this long straight blonde hair and this sexy body that make everyone say wow. she's effortlessly charming and i know she will become one of hollywood's most fashionable actresses.
  • The Best!

    Rachel is so talented1 She should b in way more movies! She was so good in red eye! She played an awesome role and she did great! When she was in mean girls i really didnt she before that except in the hot chick but she didnt play a big part but any way i liked her in mean mean girls and then i seen her in alot more then that i hope she stars in way more movies!
  • Rachel McAdams is the breakout actress of 2005, and will hopefully do great work in 2006. She is a wonderful actress, and I absolutely love her.

    Rachel McAdams has done great work in Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and The Family Stone, and will hopefully continue to do great work. She is someone to aspire to. Rachel is a great actress, and will be sucessful in the future. In Mean Girls, she played the "mean girl", in "The Notebook" and "Wedding Crashers", she played the love interest, and in "The Family Stone, she played the troublemaker. She can do anything. With all her movies, she proved that very fact. Up against an all-star cast, she proved a versatile role in the Family Stone, and she can do any role that comes to her. All in all, Rachel McAdams is great, and I'm proud to call her my favorite actress.
  • Rachel McAdams is the actress of the year.

    Rachel McAdams is definetely my favourite actress now. No matter what the part, she always pulls it off with flying colours. The Notebook was such an outstanding movie, and I can see it being a classic down the road. Plus she\'s Canadian. Who doesn\'t love a Canadian girl?
  • Probably the best actress of the year.

    My first impression of Rachel McAdams wasn't too great. Her character in Mean Girls just made me think that that was the way she was. Then, after seeing The Notebook, did my opinion change. Rachel is a great actress. She can play anything-- from a snobby sassy teen to a friendly rich girl. Not many people can do that real well, but Rachel can. I can't wait for her new movies, "The Family Stone," and "The Last Kiss." Then we'll see even more of how talented she is.
  • i think Rachel should have her own show. She is an awsome actress. I saw the Notebok and I thought she did an excelant job. Her show should be called ''The Rachel McAdams hour show''.

    Rachel McAdams is a awesome actress. I thought she did a great job. That is why I think she should get her own Television show. It should be called ''The life of Rachel. She was awesome in The Notebook. Now I have to see the Wedding Crashers. LOL. Rachel McAdams