Rachel Melvin

Rachel Melvin


2/9/1985, Elmhurst, Illinois, USA

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Rachel Melvin



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Rachel Melrin
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Rachel Melvin graduated from Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix, Arizona and immediately made the move to Los Angeles to pursue an career in acting . Since then, Rachel has appeared in commercials and as a guest star in many TV shows such as the WB's Jack &more


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    • Rachel: (asked how much she has in common with her Days Of Our Lives character, Chelsea) In the beginning, not much, but since I've been playing her, I've been maturing on my own. There are a lot of things I'm acquiring from her, like her independence and her rebellious thing. I got my ear cartridge pierced in Australia and I thought, "It totally works for Chelsea, Awesome!" Then I got my second holes done and put highlights in my hair. I can get funky and it works for her. I love my character.

    • Rachel: (on the response she gets when meeting fans of Days of our Lives) When I started, everyone told me, "Don't take it personally. People are going to come up and hate you." I get it. Sometimes, there's a character I don't like in a movie and I see the actress in person, but don't immediately make the connection. I just get this feeling that I don't like her.

    • Rachel: (on playing the bad girl on Days Of Our Lives) She's [Chelsea] a great character because they give her every bad experience a teenager could go through. For me, it's fun and challenging as I was very sheltered and never experienced anything like that. Even with guys - she kisses so many guys! I've kissed more guys as her than I have in real life. I live vicariously through my character!

    • Rachel: My family has had its own hardships, and I see this opportunity on Days Of Our Lives as a break for us all. I have very devoted parents, who helped my elder sister (Jessica) and I fulfil all our dreams. They stayed with me in California for two years, and have only moved back to Phoenix now that I'm properly settled into life in L.A.

    • Rachel: (weird fan encounters) What story should I share? People would stare at me in high school and I'd think 'Oh my God, I'm being trashed!' I have to remember that I'm on TV. It's still awkward because I don't really know how to handle it yet. I don't think of myself as being a soap star.

    • Rachel: My biggest fear, when I started in this business was, would I ever be able to cry on cue? Actually now, scenes where I don't have to cry are harder. Crying scenes are easy for me.

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  • Great actress! Awesom at everything she does!

    Rachel Melvin is an awesome actress! Very talented and awesome at playing the role of Chelsea! She's my favorite character and favorite actress on the show! I even met her once too! She's great and all her hard work that she puts into a single episode is seen. Shes great on Days and i hope she stays around for a while!

    I also saw her in the movie Boo! She did a great job at her character in there who was stuck in a haunted hospital! It was a scary movie but she did great in it! You rock Rachel Melvin!moreless