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  • Launching pad

    This is my first review for a movie star so I'll try to make it short.

    I discovered Rachel Nichols in the new series Continuum.

    I discovered Rachel Nichols can make a entire series look good because of her acting skills.

    I saw the first episode and I fell in love with the concept and mostly because of the movie stars in the cast.

    I will continUe to watch the Continuum series as long as Rachel Nichols will play. Why ? Because she is the movie!

    She's one of few of my generation and I feel her acting, I feel everything she says, I feel everything she transmits.

    She is a Star and you will love her because she's good at this.
  • Horrible actress. Have to switch channels when she is on. Watching her is horrible...She is the worst actress that I have ever seen in my life. Get rid of her or she will kill your show off. It is a mystery why someone hired her unless she is related


    Horrible ,Horrible, Horrible. Watching her is horrible..She is the worst actress that I have ever seen in my life. Get rid of her or she will kill your show. She is the worst actress that I have seen in my life. Get rid of her now before they cancel your show. Who hired her? Her uncle or brother. OMG she is bad...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • Kill her off pronto!

    She is a terrible actress. She is like a dead fish on this show. Please please please bring J.J. back and while you're at it find a way to bring Prentiss back also. The show had such a great dynamic and for some unknown reason producers/execs had to go and screw it up. I'm sure that with J.J. and Prentiss' exits the ratings have gone down. I have been a faithful watcher for many years but find myself not watching the current show, because of casting changes. I do scan the channel line-up looking for reruns. I'm so glad that A&E shows reruns of CM alot. I have watched several of the episodes several times, never get tired of seeing the old gang all together.
  • Rachel is a horrible actress. Please take her off the show. I have stuck by you on all the other cast changes, but this one is just too bad to tolerate. I find myself turning to other shows before this one goes off. Rachel needs to go. Shoot her.

    Criminal Minds has been a very good show until the actress Rachel showed up. Take her off and get someone who can act. Time is moving on and your fans are waiting for an answer to the cast question. Will you or won't you keep Rachel. Rachel could not act her way out of a paper bag and when the other characters have to interact with her their lines become childish and simple. Some of her scenes are ridiculous and we the viewers are having our inteligence insulted. I cannot act and do not try. Rachel needs to do the same.
  • No good.

    Bring back AJ. This was my all favorite show. Now..could care less if I catch it or not. The whole dynamic was lost with these changes. The passion/compassion that was reflected within the team itself has been lost. Only show I watched because of how it felt....now has no feeling. No Good. Funny how shows that are trash never change. But the best you just cculdn't seem to leave alone. Good thing the one with Forrest Whitaker comes on next. He's worth watching. Hopefully your ratings will initiate a change.
  • She isn't as cute as AJ. She can't act and next they are removing Prentiss. The show is going down fast thanks to producers who don't know how to leave a good thing alone! Bring back AJ because this girl is a void!!

    Loser compared to AJ. This show was very lucky when Gideon left they got a great replacement. That didn't satisify them so now they put this girl on who isn't as cute as AJ and I say this because they are the ones who seemed to have tried to put a blond, who is similiar to what they wanted us to accept as AJ look alike. next it's prentiss and then the end of the show. The new Criminal Minds can't hold a candle to the old. I say bring back AJ, leave Prentiss on and replace the producers! You can't change perfection.
  • Please bring AJ back!

    Rachel doesn't fill this role well. Even though she is a beautiful girl, she does not have the look or feel that AJ does. She looks plastic and stiff. With AJ, you see a real person, one that you can read in her eyes what she is thinking. You can tell how much she cares about the victims and their families. Rachel just doesn't have the right facial gestures, mannerisms and body language to fit this role, she is more fit for a fashion model role, or in an 'innocent' family movie girl next door role.
    It's just not the same without AJ.
  • It was a mistake to try to get someone who looks like J.J. from the back. Sorry to say she can not act. Alexa Havins would make a great replacement for her. Blond, brown eyed, and truly a great actress.

    She would make a decent model, but she is no J.J. Sorry to say she doesn't have the connection & chemistry W/ the rest of the cast. I think Alexa Havins would be able to get close to the other actors quickly. Why oh why don't they search a little more for a better fit. You know some of the most famous actors got their start on Soaps, and continue to star o them and guest on them. It would serve the show to give Alexa a chance, if she even wants to do a series of this kind. It would be wonderful if she could guest to show what she has to offer.
  • Charismatic and gorgeous - my girl crush!

    At first glance, Ms. Nichols appears to be like any other fair haired, light eyed young actress; a dime a dozen in Hollywood. But watching her act you'd notice she is definitely something special. Her on-screen presence is wonderful - she just illuminates the screen whenever she has a scene.

    Rachel has the amazing ability to act in a way that is so wonderfully natural and believable. You really believe that she is the character, and her very natural approach to acting makes her such a great actress.

    On the Inside, her portrayal of Special Agent Rebecca Locke, a rookie FBI agent with deep seated emotional scars from an abduction as a child which she barely survived, imparted Nichols' scenes with an undercurrent of tenseness. Rebecca is no damsel in distress, no princess waiting for her knight in shining armor to come save her. No, Rebecca learned at a young age that nobody was going to come and rescue her, so she's learned to save herself and become independent. Nichols' played Rebecca, which was a very difficult role - the actress had to strike a balance between hollow and strong - to perfection.

    The girl's got range as an actress, I must admit. From a stupid gross-out comedy Dumb & Dumberer to her serious dramatic turn in The Inside, Rachel Nichols plays all her roles perfectly. After seeing some interviews and talk shows of her, I have come to really admire her a lot. Not to mention she is absolutely stunning and gorgeous - I know that if stupid-ass Fox would have aired The Inside at a decent time (like, hmm, in the fall TV season and at an 8-10 timeslot) it would have been a huge hit, mainly due to Nichols' beauty which would have brought in male viewers and the cases, which are unique, gruesome and interesting.

    In all, Ms. Nichols is unique and indeed one of the all-time greats. I hope she gets her chance to shine with a starring role in a TV series which actually gets the chance to become popular or a hit movie.
  • I *love* Rachel Nichols.

    Rachel Nichols is a truly fantastic actress, but, sometimes I have to admit, she's such a small name that I often forget her and how talented she is.

    I was first introduced to Rachel Nichols in FOX's short-lived but oh-so-wonderful-and-twisted "The Inside", a show in which she plays a hollow profiler with a shocking past. Much like another actress, Elisabeth Harnois, who also had her own FOX show, I, along with many other viewers and critics, mistook her as being a bad actress due to her performance in the pilot.

    How wrong an assumption.

    While a lot of critics never did stick with "The Inside", those who did discovered how excellent an actress Rachel truly is. She played her character in a hollow way because her character WAS hollow at first - as a result of her childhood in which she was abducted and held prisoner for months.

    Over the course of that show Rachel stunned me with her acting ability and I fell in love. (Well, not literally.)

    In the 2005-2006 season I was given a treat when Rachel joined the cast of a favorite series of mine - "Alias". Rachel's character was introduced as a possible replacement for Jennifer Garner should Garner choose to leave. Let me go off on a quick tanget: While I love Rachel Nichols, it has a horrible idea for the writers to even consider replacing Sydney as the whole show was ABOUT her. Nonetheless had it come down to it, I probably would have continued watching just because I liked Rachel's new character. The fifth season of "Alias" turned out to be its last so the replacement thing turned out to be a non-issue. It was sad to see the show go but as least Rachel helped make it a good season.

    I've also seen Rachel in a few movies - the 2005 remake of "The Amityville Horror", in which she plays a mean babysitter (she was awesome) and "The Woods", in which she plays an even meaner schoolgirl. Once again, she rocked.

    Rachel was last cast in a pilot for FOX entitled "Them", a sci-fi action thriller. There is a chance for a late, midseason pickup and I certainly hope it gets the pickup, because Rachel is a true treat.

    Good luck, Rachel, I hope your career blossoms into something bigger.
  • I really hope they give her a show for next season

    I first met her in The Inside, as a retracted and disturbed FBI agent, which she played amazingly, sadly the show did not even complete it's first season. Next we saw her on Alias, where she was considered as a possible replacement to Jennifer Garner, unfortunately Alias goes good bye, and in the recent episodes, since Garner has returned with full strenght, her role has moved to second plane.

    Also, we have only witnessed the dramatic, government agent side of Rachel, so I would very much enjoy to see her in a different kind of role.

    Great actres, and an extremely beautiful one.
  • The Total Package.

    Society often throws around terms to describe special individuals: Some people are "talented", some people are "gifted", some are even "prodigies" and "geniuses". But those qualities usually apply only to one field of expertise; no one ever accused Bill Gates of being a great basketball player, or asked Terrell Owens to play a piano concerto. Rare, then, is the person who combines excellence in multiple areas, and that individual is often referred to as "The Total Package". In that vein, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Rachel Nichols, a true Total Package. Nichols is astonishingly beautiful, that's the first thing you notice about her. That's the first thing that modeling scouts did as well, when she was at prestigious Columbia University in New York City, and they signed her to do overseas shoots even though she had very little experience as a model. She ended up forging a highly successful career in that field, but modeling wasn't the end of the line for Nichols. At her agent's request, she auditioned, despite having next to no acting experience, for a role on 'Sex And The City'. Needless to say, she won it and delivered a memorable performance. Based on that and several other small roles, she won the female lead in 2003's 'Dumb And Dumberer', where she far outshined the material and her fellow actors. Then she got the lead on 'The Inside'. Despite the fact that her character was dramatically altered from a lighter, teen-type role to a dark, angst-ridden adult, Nichols handled the change with grace, establishing herself as a true actress rather than simply a model who appeared in motion pictures. ABC thought she was so talented that they pegged her as Jennifer Garner's successor on 'Alias'. All of this at the tender age of 25! Oh, and the beauty's got brains, too: she finished her undergrad program at Columbia (an Ivy League school) in just three years, balancing her studies against a grueling modeling schedule. Her degree: a double major in math and economics! But success hasn't gotten to her head; she still seems very personable in interviews and press events, without a hint of the typical model's arrogance that you would expect from a person so gifted. In other words, Rachel Nichols is... well, rare. And she has plenty of time to surprise us again and again with her versatility in the future. We'll be waiting.