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    • Rachel: There's always room for a great TV show, a good, juicy fun role. I don't know if I'll take my chance doing a pilot since I got my heart broken with two of them. But I want to be open-minded.

    • Rachel: I feel my college experience, and graduating from college, really sculpted who I am. So my advice is: I wouldn't start working any earlier. I think it's really important to go all the way through school even if it is acting school. I'm a big proponent of education. So I feel that getting an education suited me very well.

    • Rachel: (on whether she is a method actress, as she played an "an orgy-loving waitress" on "Sex & the City") No, I've never been a waitress.

    • Rachel: I'm not one of those actors who hates watching their work. I enjoy watching the work that I do, because it's obviously very, very personal. And I am very critical of myself, but I still like watching the movie when it comes together.

    • Rachel: Jackets can dress you up and dress you down. I love to wear them tailored with jeans.

    • Rachel: With plastic surgery you can become beautiful. But brain transplant doesn't exist yet.

    • Rachel: Here's a great reality tv show: tape stupid models talking to each other.

    • Rachel: My mom uses the euphemistic phrase 'a late bloomer,' which meant that I had uncontrollable arms and legs, I had very long appendages. I took several years of very highly structured dance classes for me to be able to control myself.

    • Rachel: It sounds so cheesy, I know. But the way a man smells is really important. It must be something about the pheromones. People think I'm nuts. But there's something very primal, very animalistic about it.

    • Rachel: One day I looked down and I had breasts. I said, 'Wow! How'd that happen?' I was so excited I had to call my mom.

    • Rachel: I definitely wasn't one of the cool kids in high school. I was a dork. I was this shy, skinny, flat-chested girl with long arms.