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  • she is an amazing actress especially in the mummy, the mummy returns, and constantine.

    rachel weisz is an amazing actress. she deserves a lot of credit. she plays an amazing role in the mummy, the mummy returns, and constantine. those are threee of my favorite movies. but with out her in the mummy: the tomb of the dragon emperor, it is going to suck because she does such a good job in the mummy and it will never be the same without her. i am hoping to buy definetly maybe that just came out on DVD also to see how she does in that movie. it looks like a good movie. i hope to see her in more movies soon.
  • she is one of my favorite actress, and i think she made the Mummy. with out her its going to suck

    she is one of my favorite actress, and i think she made the Mummy. with out her its going to suck, well the third one anyway. well thats my thought. she was also prity good in land girls, and constinten. i think shes good all rounder. in comedy, drama, and action. but i like her the must in action. she dose bring lot comedy into her movies with her sometimes clumsyness, and danzil in distress. she also his one of those actors that dosent let fame to her head. i fell she gives of an air of normal human. not like paris and all those hollowed kinds.
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    Rachel Weisz is beautiful, as an actress and a person. She is the most perect person for her role in the two Mummy movies. She is gergous and modest at the same time as having a massive sense of humour and likes alot of the action with guns and fists. She is just great!
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    I like Rachel's style. I think that she is very pretty and I have seen her in fabulous movies like the Mummy and the Mummy Returns, which are both great. I also have seen her in movies like Constantine and the Foutain, and I must tell you that she really knows how to act. Rachel is simply awesome.
  • omgosh she is so gorgeous! i absolutely loved her in her movie called the mummy. it was farby her best movie in my oppinion that is. but she is just so lucky to have gotten to work with all of those amazing actors and actressess.it is so not fair.

    I absolutly love rachel! she is so just perfect! she is so beautiful and talented that i just cant believe it! i cannot wait until her new movies come out because i will deffinitly be the first to go see her movie she is so great i just love her