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    • Rachelle: (on the reason she moved to Los Angeles) The honest answer is that in Montreal, I felt a bit frustrated by the lack of English work.

    • Rachelle: I think I might have a thing with death. a fascination maybe - the fact that we die is what makes life so valuable. That's why the vampire thing is such an enigma - you get to live forever but it's a life without value because it can now be taken for granted. You can do everything you ever wanted only to find out it's now meaningless.

    • Rachelle: My heroes change so often. There are so many incredible people but the one constant for me is teachers. It's what I would do if I couldn't act and I think it is the most selfless thing you can do. Teachers are tragically underpaid!

    • Rachelle: (about being nervous during auditions) Sure I get nervous! I don't know what I do to calm down, maybe I don't. I think what I've learned to do is channel the energy (nerves are just excess energy after all) and put it where I need it to be. Sorry, it's hard to explain!

    • Rachelle: (on portraying Victoria in "Twilight") I'd like to think that I respect the role and the world of the book in a way someone else might not. On a simpler level, I made her playful instead of mean. I think the playfulness adds a toying element that is almost crueler and someone else might not have chosen that approach.

    • Rachelle: (Being an actor is her first dream) Being a mom is my other dream. I can't wait! I don't think I will fully know what it means to be a woman until I have a child.

    • Rachelle: I was an only child so I played all the parts in any game I played. Very over the top sometimes and yet also able to play alone for hours.

    • Rachelle: (on becoming part of the film "Twilight") There were three things about it that made me want to go for the audition: The first one was that [director] Catherine Hardwicke was attached; the second was that the role was to play a vampire; and the third was that I could do an adaptation of a book that's a trilogy, with the potential to explore a character, hopefully, over three films.

    • Rachelle: I will say this for all us freckled people, all of us red-headed, freckled gals: I intend to represent!

    • Rachelle: I wanted to be on TV, which is of course where I was seeing people pretend to do all of these things, so TV has a special place in my heart.

    • Rachelle: I always knew I'd be a performer, after falling in love with Madonna and dancing around the house to her songs. I found out early that I couldn't sing, however.

    • Rachelle: I was really into vampires before this came along. It's so scary but romantic and mysterious. I used to have a recurring dream where Dracula would take me away. I was about 14 or 15 and I used to pray every night that that would be the dream!

    • Rachelle: For me letting someone go through my ipod is a very intimate act! You're so exposed, all your bad taste and guilty pleasures on display.

    • Rachelle: (on one of her lines in the film "Twilight") Victoria has a line where she very aggressively says, "I love it when men chase me!" And it can be taken so many different ways. I find that line, as a woman, to say that in a really empowering way, is kind of sexy.