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The world renowned UK alternative band Radiohead was formed in 1986. The members of the band are:

Thom Yorke, age 37, on guitar, piano, drums, bass.

Jonny Greenwood, age 34, on guitar, piano, and synthe.

Ed O'Brien, age 38, on guitar, percussion, harmony vocals.

Colin Greenwood, age 36, on bass guitar, and keyboards.

Phil Selway, age 38, on drums.

The members of Radiohead met at Abingdon School for boys. Together, Andy, Ed, Thom, Collin, and Collin's younger brother Jonny formed the band On A Friday. Simultaneously, Thom's own younger brother Andy formed a band named The Illiterate Hands, which Jonny was also a member of. Andy eventually became the frontman for musical act Unbelievable Truth.

On A Friday's first live performance was inside Oxford Jericho Tavern, in August of 1986. On A Friday continued to practice new material as they entered post-secondary education, despite the fact that every single bandmembers was going to a different University.

Thom Yorke studied at the University of Exeter and joined the band the Headless Chickens. Thom also worked part-time in a pychiatric ward. At school, Thom met Stanley Donwood, who has been responsible for over a decade of Radiohead artwork.

In 1991, On A Friday regrouped in Oxford, before changing the band's name to Radiohead. Radiohead was the name of a Talking Heads' song, off of the album "True Stories". By 1991, the band had begun recording and releasing demos, and eventually signed with EMI for a six-album contract.

Radiohead's first single was released in 1992, titled 'Creep', and single-handedly labelled the band as a one-hit-wonder. After the 1993 release of the album "Pablo Honey", Radiohead nearly broke up from the stress of their newfound fame. Sometime in 1997, Thom went through a period of depression and also writer's block after "OK Computer".

To help with 2004's Band-Aid 20, Thom chipped in on piano and Jonny Greenwood played the guitar.

Front man Thom has married, and they live together with their two children. Jonny is married, and also has a pair of children. Ed lives with his wife and his one son. The wife of Collin lives with him, and their single child, a boy. Phil is also married, and has three children of his own.

Radiohead Discography: 1993's "Pablo Honey", 1995's "The Bends", 1997's "OK Computer", 2000's "Kid A", 2001's "Amnesiac", and 2003's "Hail to the Thief". Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are currently recording their new album, which should be released in 2007.