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  • Best band on the planet. They are way ahead of everyone else making music right now. Radiohead rules.

    It's kind of funny how a band like Radiohead can have #1 albums in America and in the UK, and not be known on a public basis like Coldplay or U2. I guess they like it more like that, practically all of their shows sell out, all their albums are critically acclaimed and they are one of the few groups not afraid to take risks. Look at their progression from Pablo Honey to the Bends, Ok Computer, Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows. It's just remarkable. Not to mention their life performances are unbelievable. Featuring the the amazing vocals of Thom Yorke (an incredible musician in his own right), the talented multi-instrumentalist super human Johnny Greenwood, rhythm guitarist, and backing vocalist Ed O'Brien, bassist Colin Greenwood and drummer Phil Selway. These guys are so talented and all multi-instrumental, with great songs like "Karma Police", "Jigsaw Falling Into Pieces", "Airbag", "Paranoid Android", "Creep", "Optimistic", "How to Disappear Completely" it becomes obvious that these guys are for real and really the best band of their generation, and the best band around.
  • they are the best band in the world!

    i absolutly LOVE radiohead. you know, this is what teens should be listening now. radiohead has fabulous progressive and art rock style. my favourite album is the bends. i also like OK computer. im not a fan of their first album pablo honey, but my favourite song out of all the album is creep. but you know their style of music changes from time to time. i prefer their older albums than the newer ones. their recent albums are just too modern for me. hehe i really like their music videos. they're so creative like the ones for street spirit, high & dry(US version), and no surprises.
  • This band is probabley the best band of all time.

    Im going to start off restating my statement "radiohead is probabley the greatest band of all time" well maybe not the greatest( that in my opoinion is the pumpkins.Im recentley new to this band and i am really enjoying them alot , I have become obsessed.I started off hating them (just hearing in rainbows) then I got right into that album thought there was nothing that could be better.So then I check out there other stuff such as the bends and ok computer and kid a.I was blown away these albums made me hate in rainbows if you like 90s music please give them a try.The bends is my personnal favorite.
  • Radiohead, Brit-Pop Superstars

    Radiohead is an awesome, talented band. You can probably guess at how much I appreciate them by looking at all the contributions I made to their page. (--I am Editor--)

    Some people consider Radiohead to be one-hit wonders (mostly pompous USinites who like bands like Good Charlotte and Yellowcard), but they don't realize how much good music Radiohead has produced. (Anybody ever hear 'There There' a couple years back? Muchos Awesome)

    Download 'Street Spirit' and tell me that the only good song they've ever released is a little ditty called 'Creep' (which is just one of their numerous repetoire of good songs).

    As you may (or may not) have read on the Trivia page, the music video for the song 'Just' features a many lying in the middle of a street. The MIQ is burdened with a piece of life-shattering information, hence the reason he's lying in a road. He is approached by a crowd of people, who by the end of the song have coaxed him to reveal the secret. Once uttered, it causes the crowd to lie down in the street next to him, each as deject and hopeless as the man himself. Radiohead intentionally never tells the audience the secret, thus saving them from a similiar fate and also building an enigma around the video. The secret is (from the film, Donnie Darko) :

    "Every living creature, on this earth, dies alone." -Grandma Death.

    That's just my speculation.

    Radiohead is a very good band.
  • Street Spirit.

    Rows of houses, all bearing down on me
    I can feel their blue hands touching me
    All these things into position
    All these things we'll one day swallow whole
    And fade out again and fade out

    This machine will, will not communicate
    These thoughts and the strain I am under
    Be a world child, form a circle
    Before we all go under
    And fade out again and fade out again

    Cracked eggs, dead birds
    Scream as they fight for life
    I can feel death, can see its beady eyes
    All these things into position
    All these things we'll one day swallow whole
    And fade out again and fade out again

    Immerse your soul in love
    Immerse your soul in love