Radiohead Trivia


  • Trivia

    • They're famous bear logo was created by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.

    • Ok Computer is often considered their most influential album.

    • Radiohead were all friends in highschool.

    • Radiohead are an alternative rock band from Oxfordshire.

    • Radiohead has released two live in concert DVD's.

    • The albums "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" are often considered fan favorites.

    • Radiohead usually play alot of newer songs at their concerts.

    • Some tv shows that Thom Yorke liked when he was young were Looney Tunes, Good Times and Fawtley Towers.

    • The song "Creep" was the band's first single.

    • The album "Ok Computer" was ranked number one album of the 90's at

    • They are all big fans of Kevin Smith films.

    • The song "nude" from there newest album "In rainbows" has recentley made a video.

    • The album "In Rainbows" was ranked #1 in s best albums of '07.

    • The band was very surprised that "In Rainbows" was enjoyed the way it was considering it was a different sound then usual.

    • The song 'Talk Show Host' served as Romeo's theme song in the 1996 film William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet.

    • The television show CSI has featured music from Radiohead: In Inside The Box, A Punch-up At The Wedding. In Forever, Sit Down, Stand Up. In Play With Fire, There There.

    • The characters in the music video for 'Paranoid Android' are from the Scandinavian cartoon Robin, created by Magnus Carlsson.

    • Ed O'Brien asked Madonna to trade seats at a Radiohead concert, so that Ed's mother could see the entire stage.

    • The most popular Radiohead song in the U.S. is unquestionably 'Creep'. 'Street Spirit' recieved the same kind of recognition in Britain.

    • Artist Humphrey Lyttleton plays jazz trumpet for the end of the song 'Life In A Glass House'.

    • Radiohead sometimes uses The Julie Dolphin's Dianne Swann for background vocals, when they need a female's voice. Dianne's band toured with Radiohead, and have since reformed as Boom Boom Mancini.

    • The music video for the song 'Just' features a man lying in the street, burdened with a piece of life-shattering information. The man is approached by a crowd of people, who peer-pressure him into revealing the secret. Once revealed, it causes the crowd to lie down in the street next to him. The secret is never shared with the viewer, and Radiohead have sworn to take it to their graves.

    • Some copies of album "Pablo Honey" contain a second, 'radio-friendly' version of the song 'Creep'. The clean version is the hidden track, while the version containing the 'f-word' is on the track-list. Due to the massive success of "Pablo Honey", about half of the albums in circulation contain both versions, while half of the albums contain just the radio-unfriendly version.

    • The album title "Pablo Honey" comes from two New Yorkers called 'The Jerky Boys'. They record prank phone calls; one of their most famous ones involved crude language and frequently calling the reciever of the prank 'Pablo Honey'. Jonny Greenwood got one of their tapes, found them hilarious, which lead Radiohead to name their first album "Pablo Honey".

    • Japanese copies of 1993's "Pablo Honey" and 1995's "The Bends" contain bonus tracks, rare recordings, and B-sides from singles, all of which have been deleted from the recent UK copies.

    • Radiohead produced an album called "Help", to raise money and help with the Bosnian victims of the Serbian 'ethnic cleaning' in Yugoslavia.

    • The number 1426148550 is found on the cover ofRadiohead's "Airbag" EP. UK fans were excited to discover that by dialing zero, then the number, they could hear Thom Yorke greet them via his retired pager's answering machine. This gave fans the opportunity to leave a message for Radiohead. The rest of the world had to dial zero, forty-four, then the number, but were then granted the same privelege.

    • The creature on the cover of 1995's "The Bends" is a CPR training dummy, only stretched out of proportion.

    • The band's name Radiohead is a song from Talking Heads album, "True Stories".

    • The title of the sixth studio album by Radiohead, "Hail to the Thief", is a reference to when George W. Bush stole the 2000 presidential election. Some of the songs on the album have political undertones, and they suggest a dystopian society that's very similiar to our own current society.

    • The song '2 + 2 = 5' off of the album "Hail To The Thief" is a reference to George Orwell's novel, 1984. In the novel, Winston Smith is told by O'Brien that two plus two is five, among other contradictions. The lyrics to '2 + 2 = 5' also has several other references to Orwell's tale.

    • The song Paranoid Android off of the album OK Computer is a tribute to Marvin from Douglas Adam's book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Marvin is a depressed robot, nick-named the paranoid android by Zaphod.

    • The video for 'No Surprises' was voted the 24th greatest music video of all time in a Channel 4 (UK) poll. Their video for "Just" came in 80th.

  • Quotes

    • Thom Yorke: I say we are a very mellow music band.

    • Thom Yorke: I sometimes see a crowd cheering when I close my eyes.

    • Thom Yorke: People say we sometimes take things too seriously, but if you don't you'll never get anywhere.

    • Thom Yorke: Being in a band turns you into a child and keeps you there.

    • Thom Yorke: People are born with certain faces, like my father was born with a face people like to hit.

    • Thom Yorke: The others were all brought up to be polite. I wasn't.

    • Jonny Greenwood: If you want to be entertained, go see Hanson.

    • Thom Yorke: We don't care about the money anymore, we have enough already.

    • Jonny Greenwood: I just do the music for fun.

    • Thom Yorke: I only did drugs once and I will never do them again after what happend that day.

    • Thom Yorke: Yeah, that had the fridge buzz in it.
      Interviewer: ...with the modern rock format, was Creep. I mean you first came in with that.
      Thom Yorke: Yeah, that was a good fridge buzz.

    • Ed O'Brien: The trouble with a lot of music in this country is the radio stations with modern rock. It's such a stail format. As far as I can work out and we can work out as a band is, the music they put on these stations, it's not for the people. It's to satisfy the advertisers. It's completely reactive as opposed to proactive.