Raelee Hill

Raelee Hill


10/24/1972, Brisbane, Australia

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Raelee Hill a flame-haired and freckled Australian actress. Her first major role was as Loretta Taylor in Paradise Beach, Water Rats, and is most widely-known internationally for her part as 'Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu' in the sci-fi television series Farscape.


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    • (Speaks about the Bali bomb movie)
      Hill: I think it reads as a very gentle, very respectful, very bipartisan film. Australians are presented, represented as being both sinners and saints, which I think is correct, because we are.

    • (Things Hill would do if she wasn't an actress.)
      Hill: A florist, a person in a post office, a maker of fine chocolate, or the best mum in the world (or at least try to be!).

    • (Talking about working with the muppets on Farscapee.)
      Hill: I wish I could of done more acting with the character Pilot from Farscape but his character hated me, hated my character. But I still love him.

    • Hill: My favorite episode of Farscape to perform was the episode where I got to play Stark. Mainly because he's the most gorgeous person to perform. We all adore him particularly the girls we all just fall in love with him. He's this guy who's quite screwed up, messed up little thing but you just want to give him a cuddle the whole time. He's quite fanatic, very animated, and a very loose cannon. So when I got to play Stark I thought it would be fantastic!

    • (Hill speaks about science fiction in her town.)
      Hill: Australia is so small, the industry either has black comedy or drama. When science fiction comes to town everyone kind of takes notice because we just don't have the industry for science fiction. We don't have the money nor the opportunity to produce that kind of television. So if the town knew we were working on Farscape they were quite jealous I guess because as an actor you never get to perform that fantastic kind of stuff.

    • (Describing her character on Farscape.)
      Hill: She's in love with one of the big bads of the show, Scorpius. Which I love once I caught my eyes on him if anyone has seen the show, he's quite an extraordinary creatures of the show. As soon as I seen him I thought,You're the boy for me.

    • (Discussing her acting on Farscape.)
      Hill: You're not quite sure what Sikozus agenda is. Is she going to lead them astray? Is she going to betray them? They do give her a hard time, which is no fun. Sikozu becomes kind of an outcast. But only while filming. After they cut, we're all fun and games because they're the easiest bunch to work with. They're so sweet.

    • (Talking about wearing contacts in her role on Farscape.)
      Hill: You feel like you're acting through a brick wall. Everything you're doing is so clouded over by these things in your eyes. They're very tunnel vision and blurry as well, so in a lot of the action stuff we have to rehearse and rehearse to make sure the choreography is just right. It can get dangerous when you're blind and wielding a sword in high-heeled boots!