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Rafe Judkins


Rafe Judkins Fan Reviews (1)

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  • A really nice survivor castaway.

    Nice, laid back, sweet. Those are some things that can describe "Survivor: Guatemala" contestant and third place finisher Rafe Judkins.

    What I liked about Rafe during his tenure on the eleventh season of the popular reality show was that he was not only what I said about him in the opening paragraph, but he's also a pretty savvy guy when it came to thinking of a way to help him and his allies advance further in the game. I found that Rafe was smart in not only allying himself with Stephenie, but also with Danni as well, being able to find ways to strengthen the game he played. What I thought was great about his game was how he was able to win individual immunity two weeks in row, proving that he could be a threat if he needed it be.

    In all, Rafe may not have won, I was happy with the way he played the game of "Survivor". I think that he finished behind to other strong players of the game and was happy with how long he lasted in "Survivor".