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Daughter of legendary funny man Richard Pryor, Rain is perhaps best known for her role on Head of the class. She has worked on and off over the years and is known to be an activist for numerous causes including animal rights and preserving the environment.


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  • Trivia

    • Rain describes herself as having a low self esteem, and a desire to be accepted by others, no matter the cost. She would rather be isolated than to network, and shmooze, and is not good at an audition, she gets nervous when she knows that she is being judged. However, she does not get nervous or self concious while she is performing.

    • Rain was the recipient of the 2005 Invisible Theatre's Goldie Klein Guest Artist Award.

    • Rain was able to perform pieces of her one woman show for her father in his hospital room, but he was never able to get to the theatre to see her show. Since she acts as him in scenes, she acted out the parts for him, and asked his permission to use his old material. After seeing her perform it, he gave her his approval, and the show went on.

    • Rain is an avid animal rights supporter, and loathes the abuse of animals, and the testing of animals for makeup. Yet she draws the line when it becomes about human survival, when it's about MS, AIDS, or Cancer, she supports animal testing.

    • Rain and her sister Elizabeth developed a way to communicate with their father in his final days when he couldn't speak anymore. For certain questions they would blow kisses as answers, they would ask yes or no questions and he'd answer with a kiss. He also made sounds that they would figure out, but there were moments when he just couldn't communicate with anyone at all.

    • Rain really wanted to write a book based on her life, but was turned down by every publisher because they wanted something tabloid-like, and I don't know how to write like that. So I wrote my one-woman play in three and a half weeks.

    • Rain began 2005 with 4 NAACP Theatre Award nominations for: 'Best Female Performer Equity', 'Best Original Playwright Equity', 'Best Direction', and 'Best Sound Design'.

    • Rain has never tried to fill her father's shoes, but in a homage to him and being the first ever father-daughter team to both have headlined at The Comedy Store, she took the stage that was built for her dad, and entertained the crowd last year for the first time, to a standing ovation. She repeated the feat by performing at The Comedy Club La Jolla.

    • Rain is a Multiple Sclerosis Lifelines Ambassador sponsored by Serano Biotechnologies. Her dedication and commitment to fight this disease in her father's memory has her hosting and speaking around the country educating family & friends. She educates about the latest MS treatment options and therapies.

    • Rain speaks to colleges and women's groups around the country, on themes of Unity, Judaism, family, and soul connections. She uses her own experiences in life to get through to her audiences.

    • Rain starred with Sherilyn Fenn and Lynn Redgrave, as Jackie the lipstick lesbian-drug addict on the Showtime series Rude Awakening. She also guest starred on the medical drama Chicago Hope with her father, Richard Pryor.

    • Rain has been acting all of her life, starting on the stage, and making her television debut on the hit ABC series Head of the Class. Her character T.J. was taken from one of her characters that she presented in her audiotion to ABC producers, in 1989.

    • Rain has performed in the Los Angeles production of Eve Ensler's, Vagina Monologues at the Coronet Theatre, Cookin' With Gas, and with the Groundlings improvisation troupe.

    • Rain is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA and actors Equity Association.

    • Rain performs a hit stage show based on her life called Fried Chicken and Latkes. It's a funny, moving affirmation to remove the world of race and class and look at the human within. She also headlines as a comedian at comedy clubs and at the famous Comedy Store on Sunset strip in Los Angeles, California.

    • Rain suffered from drug abuse for many years, but sobered herself up in 1993. She has since made it her calling to act as an addiction counselor and speak at high schools about her past battles with substance abuse.

    • Rain grew up around a lot of celebrity kids, but doesn't consider them friends, in fact, she doesn't know where most of them are today.

    • Rain is the daughter of the late comedian and actor, Richard Pryor and Shelly R. Bonus, and astronomer and author. He maternal grandfather, Herbert Bonis was Danny Kaye's manager for 35 years.

    • Rain is a dynamic speaker, spokesperson, award winning actress, writer, singer, producer, and comedian.

  • Quotes

    • Rain: I'm not a model and I don't want to be a model, I'm an actor. It's just horrible. That's the card that has been dealt me and that's who I am. I am a unique beauty. I don't want to look like everybody else. I don't want to fit the cookie cutter mold.

    • Rain: I had no self-esteem earlier in my life. I am a co-dependent-I drank because, if you drank,I drank. I lost everything I owned in a relationship. I lost a house, a fancy car, a bank account, because I was like 'What can I buy for youu in order for you to stay with me?' I really had to learn that I could love myself as I am, that I didn't have to be Halle Berry to be beautiful and feel good about my life.

    • Rain: Just because I'm a Pryor doesn't mean that I'm a standup comedian. I'm funny, but I'm not a standup by any means. I sing, I do many things...I really do consider myself John Leguizamo meets Bette Midler!