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Rainbow Sun Francks

Rainbow Sun Francks


12/3/1979, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

Rainbow Sun Francks



Also Known As

Rainbow Francks, Rainbow Sun
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Rainbow comes from a very talented family and is the son of famed Canadian actor/musician/artist and activist Don Francks, and brother of singer/actress Cree Summer. He made his acting debut at age four on the children's series "Sesame Street". In his early teens he started his first musical…more


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  • brain melt

    Get a grip scully, he ain't that hot. And what the hell is so pleasurable about looking at someones back side. Enlighten me please.

    He's a boring character, and I really have no eye for actors. The best thing to happen to him was going nuts (aka. three fries short of a happy meal).

    I do have pity for the dude. Why on Earth did your mother name him Rainbow. I don't mean to be mean or offending (Though I don't give a damn if I am) but come on. He is male as far as I can tell. Why Rainbow. Does his mother have a death wish for him or a strange sense of humor.moreless
  • i love his body it hot as can be with that hot small butt just like doctor beckett both hotties and both are denfinly worth watching he is a very good actor and show had more parts on the show he is very smart and cute and needs more partsmoreless

    he should had some topless sceans and he should have lots of lines becuse he has a sweet voice and a smart mind and a very very good looks and i cant wait to see some more of him on the show and i think he really needs more parts