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  • Co star of the office.

    Hilarious is one word to describe Rainn Wilson.
    Firstly, I'm an over obsessed fan of the Office. I know every line to every episode, which is very sad.
    Rainn plays Dwight K. Schrute, Assistant to the Regional Manager. Whoops, i mean Assistant Regional Manager. He has a "dog like obediance to authority" and he "sticks to his guns". he also happens to be a "team-player". His facial expressions and his talking head scenes are hilarious.
    I love his rivalry with Jim (John Krasinski). It adds something to the show, and without Rainn, there is no way the show would be so popular.

    P.S. i own his bobble head!
  • Rainn Wilson is a star on the rise

    Rainn Wilson is a star on the rise. He has appeared in several shows and movies. The most popular show he is on is The Office. I love this show and find it hilarious. He plays Dwight Schrute, and his character alone makes the show hilarious. Teaming him and Steve Carrell is golden. I think that we will see much more of Rainn in the future, and he will be a comdey star very soon.
  • Rainn Wilson has some serious comedic talent!

    When the NBC announced they were going to remake the BBC version of the Office, I wondered how in the world they were going to find someone to take over the role of Garreth. Rainn was the PERFECT choice. He is so hilarious! At the beginning of the second season, he wails and screams that he misses Jim and then, with the straighest face ever, says, “False! I don't miss Jim at all.” That has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Brilliant.

    Now that I've come to love (and hate) Dwight, Rainn seems to be popping up in everything I see. His role in Numb3rs was great, as was his role as Arthur in Six Feet Under. I caught him in Entourage and Monk, too. Rainn is super talented and I hope he begins to get the recognition he deserves!
  • Don't know alot about him but I know he steals the show on the office.

    There isn't too much that I can tell you about Rainn Wilson. He sort of creept into my television and has been making me laugh my butt off ever since! Dwight is the hands down quirkiest character on t.v. He is abnorable and gullable to the point it makes you hurt. The nice thing that the producers did was actually give viewers the perfect comedy duo in Carrell an Wilson. These two even trump J.D. & Turk on Scrubs. With Wilson's character Dwight, the office has it's goat to mess around with. Jim also needs a shout out becouse he gives Dwight yet another plat-form too shine.
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