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    • Rainn (on his favorite episode of The Office): There's so many. Another strength of our show – as you can tell I'm a big fan – is you can have really quiet episodes, really simple episodes. And you can have ridiculous farce episodes like "The Fire" episode, running into walls and throwing water jugs around and singing crazily and jumping around like a lunatic. That's really fun. To date my favorite one is the one called "Office Olympics" where Michael's buying a condo. The rest of the office staff, in a gang led by Jim, decide to create a mini-Olympics in the office with ridiculous games with staplers and boxes of paper and paper clips. Michael and Dwight got to inspect his condo and everyone gets something to do. The romance between Pam and Jim and the friendship between Dwight and Michael happens as well. There's a really sweet ending to it. It's just a really interesting tapestry of ensemble in that episode.