Raja Fenske

Raja Fenske


9/25/1988, Rockville, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Raja Jean Fenske



Also Known As

Jake Behari, RJ Fenske, Raja Fenske, RJ Jean Fenske
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Raja (or RJ) Jean Fenske was born in Maryland. He once had dreams of being an NBA player but once he began acting, those dreams changed. He has been on shows like Lizzie McGuire and Unfabulous. In 2008, he will be in a movie entitled Days of Wrath as Hugo.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • soooooo hot, a decent actor, what more could you want?

    RJ Fenske is really cute. He\'s a decent enough actor, he seems like a sweet guy. I\'d really like to meet him some day. He\'s definitely up there and I hope that he gets to be on more shows and maybe even movies. My only regret is that there\'s not much to find about him. He doesn\'t have hardly any pictures and he doesn\'t have a biography anywhere. He\'s pretty quiet and mysterious :D There\'s not much out there about him, which is definitely a pity. Anyways, more RJ!!! oh, and by the way, I think he cancelled his myspace...noooooooo! I wanted to see it! :\'(moreless
  • i know raja fenske\'s myspace

    raja fenske has a myspace his url is http://www.myspace.com/naughty_boii_4_life

    u have to add him and check out his hott pictures he\'s so cute in them all first of al he tries to reply to all is comments and messages he gets he also gives u his fan email where u can email him the email is onyl for fans and he will reply but u have to ask for it first. he has a girlfriend her name is Kaila Barney she is one of emma degerstedt\'s friends. he also doesn\'t really comemment pictures but when he can he will. lolmoreless