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  • soooooo hot, a decent actor, what more could you want?

    RJ Fenske is really cute. He\'s a decent enough actor, he seems like a sweet guy. I\'d really like to meet him some day. He\'s definitely up there and I hope that he gets to be on more shows and maybe even movies. My only regret is that there\'s not much to find about him. He doesn\'t have hardly any pictures and he doesn\'t have a biography anywhere. He\'s pretty quiet and mysterious :D There\'s not much out there about him, which is definitely a pity. Anyways, more RJ!!! oh, and by the way, I think he cancelled his myspace...noooooooo! I wanted to see it! :\'(
  • i know raja fenske\'s myspace

    raja fenske has a myspace his url is http://www.myspace.com/naughty_boii_4_life
    u have to add him and check out his hott pictures he\'s so cute in them all first of al he tries to reply to all is comments and messages he gets he also gives u his fan email where u can email him the email is onyl for fans and he will reply but u have to ask for it first. he has a girlfriend her name is Kaila Barney she is one of emma degerstedt\'s friends. he also doesn\'t really comemment pictures but when he can he will. lol

    Raja is soooo totally adorable! i love him on unfabulous! i can not believe that hes 17! that\'s crazy that he plays a 7th grader! he needs to be in more shows and have more pics online! does anyone know if he has an offical website with pics and stuff? i would LOVE to find it! if i ever saw him i would like scream! he seems soo nice and funny! i wish i had a friend as cute, funny, nice, smart, and not to mention CUTE as his character is on unfabulous! i bet he\'s really that cool in real life too! hehe I LOVE RAJA
  • OMG! Raja Fenske is soooo cute he needs to come to my hometown so he can be wit me! plus

    Raja Fenske is soooo cute he needs to come to my hometown so he can be wit me! plus none of yall gurls are good enough to be with him so dont hate on me cause he likes me and not you! i love you raja fenske u need to be mine
  • Raja Fenske is cute!

    I've only seen Raja Fenske in a few episodes of "Unfabulous". In the first episode of the second season, he didn't look very hot with his short hair but lots of other times in other Unfabulous episodes he looks really hot. I think he should be in more stuff that I like so I can see more of him! Apparently he was in 24, CSI, and Lizzie McGuire but I don't watch those shows. Now that Randy Klein is in the show I don't think 'Jake' is the hottest on the show, but Raja is still cute and he seems like an okay actor.

    Well overall i think raja fenske is the hottest ever! i would LOVE to meet him!!!!!! seriously that would b the best. I cant believe hes 17 either he doesnt look it. i love the show unfabulous. its one of the best ever! i wanna go on the show!! i think that addie should dump randy n go with jake. unless i can b on the show then he should date me... buttttt jake is sweet on the show n addie should realize it dangt! well yeah LOVE THE SHOW! KEEP IT COMIN! n try to make jake bahari in all of em...
  • I want to be RJ Fenske's girlfriend. haha ... =D

    I think Raja Fenske is soooooooo cute like omg ! I would sooooo love to meet him someday. I cant believe he\'s like 17. He doesn\'t look that age at all, but he\'s still amazingly cute. I think he\'s much much cuter than Randy Klein. He deserves Addie more than Randy, or he deserves me. [ haha ] I can\'t get enough of this guy. I would really like to see him in more stuff, or see him in real life which would be so much better. I might fall head over heels for him if I saw him in real life though. lol .. woOo . Overall, RJ Fenske is a Total Hottie !!!
    much much loves,
    nikki tequila