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  • I became a fan of Ralph Fiennes when I was still in primary school. He IS SUPERB, no matter as a cold-blooded NAZI officer, or as a reborn YOU-KNOW-WHO. Ralph ROCKS! ...

    Ever seen Ralph Fiennes in Avenger as agent John Steed? He simply kicks ass! I'd say he'd make a much more charming James Bond than even the masterful Sean Connery, were 007 an agent living in the 19th century or early 20th.
    Fiennes' performance is so gripping and dramatically "realistic", he can without a doubt rival with any of his contemporary Shakespearean actors. In fact, sometimes you'd say his performance is no less decent than that of Patrick Stewart's or Ian McKellen's!
    He's one of the few actors out there who can always add the nice little touches to his characters making them brilliantly fascinating. His appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is much shorter than I expected, but every frame with him in it is absolutely amazing, the elegance of every single one of his moves almost making you wish the story is all about the Dark Lord himself!