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  • He's a hero, he's a villian, he's...neither, he's generally adored by women everywhere. Unless he messes up again in an airline toilet with another stewardess.

    The trouble with Ralph is that he's so smart as well as so cute, and then you add that accent... It's irresistable. He does a bunch of decent movies, and then he does a flop like the Avengers, which I actually loved, but apparently nobody else did. I'm glad he's gone Voldemort - playing the evil guy - because he was in danger fo being pigeonholed as the romantic lead in a bunch of sappy movies after "The English Patient" and "The Constant Gardner". He's got intense down pat though; that subtle not-overacting intense that just gives us girls goosebumps. Definitely my cup of tea, even if some of his movies aren't.