Rami Malek

Rami Malek


5/12/1981, United States

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Rami Said Malek


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Rami Malek is a film and television actor. He has starred in shows such as The Pacific and The War at Home. Malek is of Egyptian descent.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Rami is very secretive about his personal life. Many acquaintances from college say he is 25 or 26, but there has been no confirmation from Rami on his age or birthdate. Apparently he also has a twin brother named Sami but it is also unconfirmed.

    • Rami is of Egyptian descent.

    • Rami Malek appeared as the pharaoh Ahkmenrah in the 2006 comedy film, Night at the Museum.

    • Rami Malek received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Evansville.

  • Quotes

    • (on working on The War at Home and A Night At The Museum)
      Rami Malek: To work with [Michael] Rapaport, who is a wonderful man, very giving, and to have a very similar experience with Ben Stiller, who brings so much to the table and is a very kind man as well, is something that I think is very rare in this business, to have an opportunity like this. I'm just a happy man because of it. The whole movie, being surrounded by so many legendary comedians, such funny men, geniuses really, was very exciting. It was a once in a lifetime experience. I was really blessed.

    • (when asked what he could say to troubled young gay teens)
      Rami Malek: To be so young and courageous in that respect is something that is very honorable. I hope that despite all the fear, that young men will see this as a way to fly against those fears and stand up for themselves in a courageous, honorable fashion. And really, for anyone who's having any type of trouble regarding parents or anything at all, to really take a bold step to go with your heart, go with your gut and see what comes out of it rather than hiding.

    • (on the role of Kenny for The War at Home)
      Rami Malek: [Rob Lotterstein] created this character and gave him such a unique identity and humor and ability for people to fall in love with Kenny. I just try to layer on to everything that's written for me. The way Kenny can attach himself to the Gold family and go to them for advice is written, of course, but the manner that makes him lovable is something that Rob and I have created together, I hope.

  • Rami Malek played Kenny in the series "The War at Home" and played Ahkmenrah in the movies "Night at the Museum" and "Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian". He has also guest-starred in Gilmore Girls, Medium, and Over There.moreless

    Rami Malek is a very talented actor. I loved the way he played king Ahkmenrah and I started to watch "The War at Home" as a result. It's a really great series, and Rami Malek makes it even better! The dialogue is witty and clever, the jokes are hillarious, and Rami Malek just steals the whole show!

    It isn't just in The War at Home where Rami Malek steals the show. As King Ahkmenrah, Rami Malek really shines as well. His cute British accent and irresistable smile make him the hottest and most noticable character in the entire movie. There should have been at least half an hour more of Rami Malek in this movie. The fact that his part was reduced to a mere five minutes (if that) in the second movie is really irritating. If they make a third movie, there needs to be more Ahkmenrah!moreless
  • Very good acting!

    I find Rami to be a very promising actor. I haven't seen any War at Home episodes, but i did see Night At the Museum, and was quite impressed by his acting! I hope to see him in more films! he seems to be a very charming young lad and can pick out his parts rather well. I liked how even though you could not see his face, when you first see his character, Ahkmanrah, you can tell he's powerful yet quirky and smart. I hope to be able to see War At Home sometime. Great Job Rami, hope to see more!moreless