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    • Messages to Ramiele from the Top 8 Idols After She Was Eliminated:

      Syesha Mercado: "Ramiele, lo-lo-lo-lo-lo, I created that first. You've been through it all together, thick and thin. You my girl-girl"

      Brooke White: "I know you get tired of hearing the word cute. Slammin' huge voice."

      Michael Johns: "Cute, big voice. I absolutely dig your personality. You're awesome"

      Kristy Lee Cook: "Huge voice. You have this little thing about you that everybody loves."

      Jason Castro: "You're such a good friend and I'm glad you were here, you're a lot of fun."

      David Archuleta: "Getting to know you, just hanging out it's like you're one of my high school buddies."

      Carly Smithson: "If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or hugs, I will be your mommy."

      David Cook: "To my poi, I love you so much, I'm so happy that I can now call you a friend."