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    • Randy Savage made his return to wrestling in TNA at Victory Road 2004, feuding against Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall.

    • Randy Savage has participated in six straight Royal Rumble matches.
      His first was in 1989 and his last was in 1994.

    • Randy Savage is a former King of the Ring. He won an non-televised tournament in 1987 to earn this title.

    • Randy Savage and Kevin Nash were responsible for the formation of the nWo red and black stable, otherwise known as the Wolfpac.

    • Randy Savage's last WrestleMania match was against Crush in a Falls Count Anywhere match at WrestleMania 10, which he won.

    • Randy Savage took part in both tag team main events at the first and second SummerSlam Pay-Per-View events. At SummerSlam 1988, he was the WWF champion and a babyface teaming with Hulk Hogan. At SummerSlam 1989, he was a heel again, competing against Hulk Hogan who was the WWF champion at that time.

    • Randy Savage was alongside Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Jim Ross as a color commentator for the Pay-Per-Views WrestleMania 9 and King of the Ring.

    • At Superbrawl 1997, Randy Savage joined the nWo after costing Rowdy Roddy Piper the WCW championship.

    • Randy Savage has never won a tag team title while wrestling in WCW or WWF.

      Oddly enough, he defended the WCW tag team championship with Scott Hall at the 35th Clash of the Champions event in 1997. He was actually replacing the other co-holder of the titles, Kevin Nash, who opted to have Savage be a tag team champion for one night only.

    • WCW debut a new Pay-Per-View called World War 3 in November 1995. Its main event was a 60-man Battle Royal to determine a new WCW champion. It was in this same main event that Randy Savage outlasted 59 other competitors to become the WCW champion for the very first time in his career.

    • At Spring Stampede 1998, Randy Savage competed against Sting for the WCW title with a bad knee. He never showed any signs of his knee bothering him until the end of the match.

    • Randy Savage's Feuds

      George "The Animal" Steele
      Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
      Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake
      Dusty Rhodes
      The Ultimate Warrior
      Jake "The Snake" Roberts
      Bob Backlund

      Diamond Dallas Page
      Kevin Nash
      Dennis Rodman

      He also had feuds with Lex Luger, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, but each feud took place when he was wrestling in both WWF and WCW.

    • Finishing Move: Flying Elbow from the top rope

    • Randy Savage's wrestling attire during the 80s use to be a normal pair of wrestling tights, usually pink or red, with three stars at the front and the name "Macho Man" printed at the back. When the 90's came around, he changed to a colorful pair of long tights. Later into the decade, he went to a full bodysuit.

    • At one time in his career, Randy Savage was known as The "Macho King" alongside "Sensational Queen" Sherri.

    • Randy Savage has the eighth longest WWF championship reigns in the history of the company, holding for 371 days after winning it at WrestleMania 4.

    • Randy Savage has the third longest Intercontinental title reign in the WWE which lasted for 414 days. The timeline he held was from February 8th, 1986 to March 29th, 1987.

      The Honky Tonk Man holds the title of Longest Reigning Intercontinental champion up this day with 454 days, with Pedro Morales in second place holding it for 425 days.

    • In real life, Randy Savage was married to WWF valet Miss Elizabeth in 1984. They later divorced in 1992.

    • Ironically enough, Randy Savage lost both the WWF and WCW championships to Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan on numerous occasions over his career.

    • Randy Savage has made appearances at nine WrestleMania events. His first was at WrestleMania 2 and his last was at WrestleMania 10.

    • "Macho Man" Randy Savage won a grueling 14-man tournament at WrestleMania 4 in The Trump Plaza to win the World Wrestling Federation Championship for the first time in his career. Ironically enough, Hulk Hogan, the man who helped him win it, beat him for the title a year later at WrestleMania 5 in the same arena.

    • One of Randy Savage's greatest matches in the WWE was against Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania.

    • Macho Man Randy Savage's most famous catchphrase is: Ohhhhh yeeeeeeaahhh!!

    • Had a minor role in the movie "Spider-Man".

    • Macho Man Randy Savage has done numerous commercials for the beef product, Slim Jim.

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