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  • Randy harrison is an awesome actor who really needs to have his own show.

    Randy Harrison is one of the most talented actors I have ever seen on tv. In my opinion he should really have his own show. While PLaying the rol of Justin on Queer as folk he did an awesome job which really showed his acting abilities. I absolutely love him. He is a cute and funny guy and i believe him and Gale harold played awesome together and he made me feel as if they were actually dating which is an awesome job at playing a gay teen with many problems going on at home. I'm just saying he did an awesome job.
  • We need to ask Randy to make a CD for us so we have his singing to enjoy. Unless you hear him in a play you might not know how gifted he is. He would be terrific singing love songs. Boys, girls, men and women can appreciate his rare gift.

    Randy is one of the amazing talents of our century. It is Hollywood's lost he only likes to do plays with a live audience and our treat. He is as beautiful a man as he was a boy. He has a hypnotic singing voice and hopefully soon we can get a CD of his fantastic singing talent. You will not take your eyes off of him on stage-his acting and singing is a legend to behold. Don't miss a chance to see Randy perform live. You will not regret it. I believe we have yet to see the best of Randy because he only gets better every time he performs.
  • Handsome, charismatic, talentd - Randy has it all!!!

    Randy Harrison is one of the most talented young actors around today. His portrayal of Justin Taylor in Queer as Folk was amazing. Not only did we get to watch Justin mature during the five years of programming but we saw Randy develop his talents as a thespian. Since QAF ended, Randy has dedicated his abilities to performances on stage. Although I have not had the opportunity to see one of his performances in person, I have seen excerpts from several. In every case, his acting was superb. I am looking forward to finally seeing him in Waiting for Godot this summer at the Berkshire Theater Festival in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. In 2006, Randy, along with fellow actor Marci Adilman, co-founded an artist organization called the Arts Bureau (www.theartsbureau.com). the Arts Bureau (tAB) is a Brooklyn-based collective of artists whose mission is to develop and produce the work of its members. the Arts Bureau (tAB) is dedicated to an interdisciplinary approach to creativity, utilizing various media and means of expression to reach a wide audience. (tAB) is deeply focused on the international exchange of ideas and inspiration, the collaborative process, and the dialogue between artist and community. This shows Randy's commitment to his craft and desire to further his and other's abilities in an open creative environment.
  • Randy's so adorable!

    I love Randy Harrison. He is such a talented actor and portrayed his part of Justin Taylor perfectly. I couldn't picture Justin ever being played by someone else. He started out so innocent at the beginning and ended up turning into a mini Brian Kinney, in a way. He's got the world's most perfect hair, especially in season 5. Too bad he's gay though I couldn't picture him straight either. Besides playing Justin, I've seen him play a columbine sudent in Bang Bang You're Dead, a steller performance as well. He's so adorable, I wish that him and Gale would get together in real life. Randy's a truly amazing actor and I can't wait to see more from him.
  • Could he be any cuter?

    I mean really, could he be any cuter? I don't care what he is doing, what role he is playing, or whatever else no matter what he just has this adorable charm that he can not get rid of and it is so appealing. And though the show ended some time ago I really think Randy fond his role as Justin Taylor on Showtime's Queer as Folk. It really seemed to let him put a lot of himself into the role which gave it a sense of personality and passion which is often lost on some actors when they portray different characters. He fit snuggly into the cast.
  • i loooooove loooooooove love him

    I loooooooove randy harrison and i hope he reads this cause I LOVE YOU BUDDY. He's my favorite character on QAF. I feel for him so bad i mean he loves brian and is such a hopeles romantic and i guess that attracts me to him. Plus, he playes the character very well i cant see anyone else as justin. whatever the reason, i love him. oh and P.S. I love his voice too