Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson


6/23/1956, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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Also Known As

The Emperor, The Dawg
  • Randy Jackson on American Idol Season 12.
  • Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, Ryan Seacrest...
  • Randy Jackson on American Idol Season 12.
  • Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban...
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Randy Jackson gained mainstream popularity for being the one of the judges on American Idol .


Trivia and Quotes

  • Randy's my dogg! lol

    People say that he's a producer but i never heard of him. Theres also a rumor thats he's related to Janet and Micheal Jackson but i'm guessing thats a lie too. Okay so i notice him as the black judge on american idol that was nice but fair. He wasn't overly nice and not overly mean, if ya know what i mean. So he was the inbetween judge. He's made a lot of names for him self. Like the dogg and saying that he always keeps it real. He's desperate for female attention on the show because girls be singing to Simon and he be getting all jealous.moreless
  • Yo man, he's the dog! Ha ha ha just kidding.

    Randy Jackson is best known as being a judge on American Idol and he's a record producer. On American Idol, he always says yo, dog, that was/wasn't the bomb, you blew it out the box, that was hot, that was the best performance of the night!, and some other stuff but I can't go on forever. I think he's my favorite judge on American Idol but I really don't know why. He "keeps it real"! Just kidding! He's worked with Whitney Houston and Natasha Bedingfield or something like that and some other people but I forget their names. He always says that I worked with___.moreless