Randy Newman

Randy Newman


11/28/1943, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Randall Stuart Newman


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Newman is noted as a lyricist of considerable sophistication. He often writes songs from unusual perspectives, often utilizing an unreliable narrator. For example, "Sail Away" is a slave trader's come-on, "Birmingham" is written from the perspective of a man "a roller in a steel mill" who loves his…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Randy Newman was credited for the music in the Movie Michael starring John Travolta and Andie Macdowell, also playing the title song of the movie "Heaven is My Home.'

    • In March of 2002, Newman finally won his first Academy Award for writing the Best Song in Monsters, Inc (2001). In his acceptance speech, he thanked the music branch of the Academy for giving him all those chances.

    • Randy Newman suffered from Epstein-Barr Syndrome for two years.

    • Randy Newman has five children from two separate marriages.

    • Randy Newman's nickname is 'The New Man'.

    • Since the 1980s, Newman has worked mostly as a film composer. His film scores include Ragtime, The Natural and Toy Story.

    • Randy Newman was parodied in the television show Family Guy in the episode "Da Boom", where he is portrayed as a senile man at a piano singing about everything he sees.

    • In 1978, legislation was introduced to make playing the song Short People on the radio illegal in Maryland.

    • In 1970, Harry Nilsson recorded an album of Newman compositions called Nilsson Sings Newman.

    • Randy Newman was inducted into the Songwriters' Hall of Fame in 2002.

    • Randy Newman has won two Academy Awards, three Emmy Awards, six Grammy Awards, and the Governor's Award of the recording academy.

    • Newman sings the theme song for the television show Monk.

    • One of Randy's big hit songs, "I love L.A.," is played whemn the Dodgers win baseball games at Dodger Stadium.

    • Newman was credited for the music in the movie Meet The Fockers.

  • Quotes

    • Randy Newman: When people start knocking those bands, those bands that sing all that harmony, it's hard, I can't do it. Course, there's only one of me.

    • Randy Newman: The worst part of the music industry is intrusion in the creative process by non-creative people. Not leaving an artist alone to do what he's going to do. Executives who may have come from Kellogg's Cornflakes telling a band they need a new mix.

    • Randy Newman: The way I could sell the most records was suggested to me by James Newton Howard, is to do an album of piano instrumentals with orchestra. Put a handsome guy on the cover, give him a name like Brian Hamilton, call it Starstreams and put it out without my name on it.

    • Randy Newman: Stay away from drugs. They're not worth it. I've tried, but there's none of them that's worth it.

    • Randy Newman: Learn about the world, the way it works, any kind of science and anthropology, it's really an interesting place we live in. Evolution is a really fantastic idea, even more than the idea of God I think.

    • Randy Newman: Jackson Browne is underrated, at this point in his career. He has written consistently well his whole career. Maybe because he is always doing things for the Crippled Squirrel Foundation, things like that.

    • Randy Newman: If we'd had another carefree 70s, I'd have been dead. It was a little too carefree, you know? I don't know how carefree they were for me, I think I was worried then, I can't remember what about.

    • Randy Newman: If I were to die tomorrow, I think they'd say Newman, 56, composer of the hit song, 'Short People' Jumped off a mountain today.

    • Randy Newman: I think that The Simpsons is probably the funniest show in the history of television. Alf Clausen does a great job in a difficult situation. If I live long enough and they stay on the air they'll make fun of me some day.

    • Randy Newman: I started recording because I was always complaining about the records that I was getting of my songs. At least if I did them and messed them up, I wouldn't have anyone else to blame.

    • Randy Newman: I once had dinner with Madonna and I wasn't nervous but within about a minute I found myself talking about underwear.

    • Randy Newman: I like the idea of taking a true classic written by a true genius and destroying it essentially! I like the idea of bringing it down to earth a bit - and even a bit lower than that.

    • Randy Newman: I do movies because I love writing for orchestra though it scares me and the money is good. I can't make a living doing just albums, times are difficult now for geriatric artists.