Randy Orton





4/1/1980 , Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Birth Name

Randall Keith Orton




Randy Orton was born on April 1, 1980 in Nashville, Tennessee to Bob and Elaine Orton Jr. When he was young, they moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he grew up and went to school at. He has is the eldest child out of 3 children. He has 1 brother (Nathan-16 years old) and 1 sister (Becky-21 years old). Ever since he was a young child, he always wanted to be a wrestler. But after he graduated from High School (Hazelwood Central), he went into the Marine Corps. He stayed in there for a few years then went AWOL (Absent With Out Leave). His father, Bob Orton Jr., helped Randy get out of the Marine Corps. After he got out, he went to OVW (Ohio Valley Wrestling) where he wrestled and trained. After he went to OVW for a few years, he went to Greenwich, Conniticut to pursue his career...becoming a pro-wrestler. He made his WWE Debut in April 2002. When he got in the WWE, he started in SmackDown! where he had his first match against Bob Holly a.k.a Hardcore Holly. Then he got sent to RAW where he was out for an injury due to a shoulder injury which required surgery. When he came back to RAW, he got accepted into Evolution along with former bodybuilder and former OVW wrestler, Dave Bautista. Evolution was made up of Triple H (Jean Paul Levesque), Ric Flair (Richard Morgan Fliehr), Randy Orton, and Batista (Dave Batista). The day after he became the youngest World Champion in WWE, Evolution turned their backs on Randy and did a 3-on-1 assult to him leaving him bloody in the center of the ring.when he returned he wanted his bloody revenge.