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  • Randy Orton is good.

    Randy Orton is a very gifted WWE Superstar.His finisher the RKO is one of or the fastest manuvering finishers in the WWE.Not only is a magnificently well built he is also the current WWE Champion!I won't be suprised if he gets inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.Randy,can also by a great arsenal while being accompanied by a tag team partner.Let me put this into words you kids can understand."Rated-RKO Kicks Ass!".So,I'll like to conculd by saying Randy Orton deserves the WWE Title he earned by defeating John Cena and Triple H.And,I know what you're thinking!"He just pinned him after Triple H's Pedigree".You're wrong!It dosn't matter whether you happen to fall on your oppenent to win,as long as as your pinning your oppenent and the ref says "1,2,3 and calls to ring the bell"you're good!

  • The Legend Killer has been the man on Raw for the past several months. By taking out Cena. The Age of Orton has definitely started to take affect. He truly is a one man dynasty.

    The Legend Killer has been the man on Raw for the past several months. By taking out Cena. The Age of Orton has definitely started to take affect. He truly is a one man dynasty. Randy has taken his opponents out of action with injures. Randy took out Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Dusty Rhodes, John Cena, and Even John Cena father With a punt like kick to the head. Also with the RKO which is named after him Randell Keith Orton. Randy Orton is a third generation Superstar. Randy is the youngest WWE champion ever. Randy is a two WWE champion, a world champion, a Intercontinental champion, a world tag team champion with Edge(team Rated RKO) Randy will be the next Triple H one of the greatest heels in my opinion.
  • I don't think Randy Orton sucks.

    I don't think Randy Orton sucks.
    I think it's good that the WWE has a younger champion because he is someone that the younger generation, the future of the wrestling business, can relate to and look up to if they choose to.
    People may not like what he does or says on the air, but he's got the stones to say and do what he feels is right wether or not anybody else wants to hear or see it. In other words, the truth hurts, but it does need to be said.
    Also, being the youngest person in the WWE to become champion is an accomplishment.
  • The guy is a waste.

    Randy Orton is a waste of time. I never liked him and I used to never dislike him until now. He has a stupid gimmick and he really is an average wrestler and an overrated performer. I can't believe that so many people think he can be the next top star. He has no charisma and no ability to carry a show by himself. The guy is simply overrated. He seems to be even worse as a person. I've heard so many backstage stories about how much of an idiot he is. Somebody needs to take this guy to the woodshed. Thank you.
  • He is not the badass we "need" him to be...

    Randy Orton's character development is very important to the WWE. Ever since "The Rock" and "Stone Cold Steve Austin" left the show it just hasn't been the same. Until now no one can't filled the gap these two superstars left behind when they have left the show. But as you can see the WWE is trying to recreate the "badass" the show very much needed, and they are using Randy Orton as the the person to do so. Which in my opinion is a great choice, he is charismatic and knows well how to act (even though it seems like when he talks it's in super slow motion). But there are to flaws to this plan. The first is that, after he did punt Mr. Mcmahoun's head and did the same to Shane then R.K.O'd Stephanie it stilled seemed like he didn't enjoy any of that, that he is shocked from his own actions and doesn't want to be the person that he is when he loses his temper. The second problem is that a "badass" doesn't need any sisi group behind him to intimidate people, the "Loan Wolf" is so much more affective...

    So I must conclude that in order to bring back some lost excitement that this show needs very much, they have to do better then create the new Stone Cold Rebel and having a guilty conscience just don't mix.
  • He a 3rd generation wrestler and he one of the best heels in the WWE.

    Randy Orton, I honestly used to hate him, he cocky, but he don't back down unlike his former teammate Edge, who was a punk. Orton makes an excellent adversary though, even though he talk a lot, he should've been the leader of Rated RKO, but I'm glad that him and Edge had been went their seperate ways, cuz RAW was too much for Edge knowing he would never get the WWE championship from John Cena again and Edge was ruining RKO's image anyways, so Randy Orton was wise to drop him. But now that Randy Orton got the gold and the top notch championship of the whole WWE, he thinks he unstoppable, but thats where he's wrong. He gonna lose the title to Cena at Wrestlemania 24, trust me when I say that!
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    Yeah okay. He just takes out legends and laughs about it later. He is not a champ. He has cheated every match.
  • The Ortons have been in wrestling a long time.

    Randy Orton is not a true WWE champ. A true champ like Triple H would not take out his opponents just to get to the top. It is very sad how often he destroys peoples careers. DX will beat him one day. I want Shawn Michaels to beat him at Survivor Series. He is not at all talented, and he is not good at all. Bring a guy like Cody Rhodes, who wants to get to the top, but does not destroy anybody. Randy Orton is not a guy to trust. He just likes the game for the fame, not the fans.
  • Randy Orton is a WWE superstar currently wrestling on the Monday Night Raw brand.

    Randy Orton is a good wrestler who has had some great feuds in the past such as his feud with the Undertaker, Triple H, Rey mysterio, Kurt Angle, HBK, RVD and many more. Randy may not have the best backstage attitude but I'm not gonna judge him for that I watch WWE for the wrestling not the superstars personal lives. Randy Orton is a thrid generation superstar follwed by is dad "Cowboy" Bob Orton and his grandfather Bod Orton Sr. Randy is a good athlete and has been a great World Heavy Weight Champion before. Randy is one of my favorite wrestlers because I like his wrestling style and his mic skills.
  • Will obviously go down as a legend in his own right next to people like Bret Hart,Hogan, Austin,Rock,Triple H,Shawn Michaels,Kurt Angle and the rest of the greats.Young,Confident and athletic, he strives for nothing short of perfection.

    The Legend killer will be known as one the greatest right along with the rest of the greats like Bret "Hitman" Hart, Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H,Shawn Michaels,Kurt Angle,etc. An extremely confident athlete, who strives at nothing less than being known as the greatest. Even though, he has (in real life)from time to time, who doesn't make mistakes? As a performer, Randy is the best, and will always be a contender for the WWE title or World Heavyweight title.
    I like Randy because he is a perfect picture of the type of guy i was like when i played sports. I know exactly what is like to want to known as the greatest and defeat anyone and everyone who steps in the path to you being called the best
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    Randy Orton has earned respect he's one of the best wrestlers that i have seen since 1999. Randy Orton has great in ring wrestling he has also getting better with mic skills. Since he first came into WWE he wasnt that great but over the years he has got better. Evolution would make him a bigger star since then his match in 2004 at Summerslam 2004 against Chris Benoit has to be one of his greatest matches and moment of all time. Every night on Raw Randy Orton still proves that he can be the best in the wrestling world.
  • "Extremely busy night for the legend killer"

    The July 23, 2007 edition of Monday night Raw saw the Legend Killer Randy Orton have an extremely busy night. Randy Orton took on Cody Rhodes in a match that the legend killer dominated. In the end Orton picked up the victory with his Special Manuever the RKO. After the match Dusty Rhodes ran down to the ring to check on his son Cody. At the same time Orton kicked Dusty in the head, and Dusty had to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher. Raw GM Johnathan Coachman announced at the begining of the night that he will announce a new # 1 contender for John Cena's WWE title. At the end of the night Randy Orton gave Cena a RKO and to follow that up GM Coach announce Randy Orton as the new # 1 contender for the WWE title.
    Randy Orton will face John Cena for the WWE title at this Years Summerslam in the Main event.
  • Have liked Orton since he came into the Wrestling business.

    Randy Orton is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. He came into the WWE I believe in 2001 or 2002, and when he joined Evolution, it boosted his career dramatically. Anyone who works with Triple H and Ric Flair are going to be good. I believe Randy will only get better as time progresses, and once he gets the business down really well, he will be a great wrestler to watch. I also hope Randy can become WWE or WHC someday and prove his critics wrong, you have to admit the man has talent, but it will only work that way if they use him right.
  • Cocky, confident and an arrogant, stuck-up jackass is Randy Orton. I say Orton is a "rebel", because he was caught marijuana, harrassing divas, and caught in a gun shop on the news!

    Yeah, Orton is talented, but the thing he does best is screw's himself over! If he doesn't be careful, he's gonna go to jail. I'm completely gonna stop as a fan of Orton if he does yet another retarded thing but there is a reallly likely probability that he's gonna do something as idiotic as that again. I knew this is a kayfabe problem, but Orton keeps whining and complaining about not a title shot, the real problem is he does retarded stuff! Sort your life out, Orton! Lightning_kf is right, Orton is way to over-rated. In my opinion, Orton is still Intercontinental Champion material.
  • He just needs to improve a little and the WWE did make a mistake by pushing Orton too fast. It's pretty common, though and Orton will only get better(I hope).

    The guy gets a lot of heat in real life and since I've never met him I'm not gonna touch that subject. As a wrestler, his moves are pretty limited. I can't say it's bad, though because he has some pretty good moves. Sleeper/Headlock into backbreaker, Elevated DDT(or whatever it's called), Boston Crab and more. He doesn't have a lot of moves, but he's trying his best to improve in the other aspects of a superstar to overshadow that. He's a good heel. He has good mic skills. When I was a mark I hated him(which basically means he is a good heel). He's somewhere between average to good. He does need to improve and I'm pretty sure he knows that and he's working on it. The WWE makes the same mistakes over and over again, it's not even funny. The E pushed Randy way too fast. And then, they gave him a one-month title reign which is sad. They not only lowered Randy's credibility but also the prestige of the WHC. Currently he's in the World title picture and is jobbing to Cena again and again. I'd rather see him in the Intercontinental title picture and bring some prestige back to that dead title. Over-all I think he's average.
  • RKO! RKO!

    Randy Orton is my favorite wrestler. What is there to say? He's a great athletic wrestler and IMO plays a great heel. Ever since I started watching wrestling (2004 yea I know its late) I always enjoyed watching randy orton in evolution. I hope to see Orton WWE champ soon. He is the future of wrestling.
  • A future piece of crap in the making..........

    It's amazing how this guy hasn't been fired with all of the stuff he has done in the past 2 years or so.

    Everywhere you look, we hear "Randy Orton is great" or "Randy Orton is the best" or, the worst of them all: "Randy Orton is the future." The future? Of what, BOREDOM????? John Cena was the first cancer in the WWE, Randy Orton is the second cancer in the WWE.....and here are the reasons why:

    Wrestling Skills: All he does are chinlocks and stomps. Not to mention the poor man's copy of the Diamond Cutter. Everyone says Cena has 5 moves of doom? SO does Orton.

    Mic Skills: "I am a legend killer." "I am the future of this business." "Get a look at greatness." Same old crap from him when it comes to this category. When I hear him talk, it bores the hell outta me.

    Charisma: Sorry, but shouting at the top of your lungs when you're angry does not count.

    Gimmick: Legend Killer? Hear me out, Orton lovers. Whenever I hear someone call Orton a legend killer, it sounds like they're saying "he is Randy Orton........and he kills old guys who are way past their prime cause he can't do jack in wrestling." Would you like to go around being called a man that killed old guys? I sure as hell won't.

    Personality: We all know about his out-ring personality so I won't even touch that again.

    Matches: Oh, Orton has had "classic" matches against the likes of Rob Van Dam, Mick Foley, Edge, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, HHH, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, KURT ANGLE. He is awesome.........my eye. Everyone of those guys carried his sorry carcass through all of their matches and they still do it to this day. Name me one classic match that he was able to carry on his own. None at all. Another failure for the Overrated One. Hell, put John Cena and Randy Orton in a match and you got a recipe for disaster.

    Fanbase: I don't have a big problem with Orton fans really. The problem I have with them mostly is that they normally don't give a legitimate reason for liking him. This is one of the key reasons why I call Orton the Overrated One. And in my mind, Orton fans are worse than Cena fans.

    Surname: Come on. Anyone knows why Orton gets off the hook so much. It's because of his surname. He's a 3rd generation wrestler for crying out loud. Hello? Green light here? Anyone in a wrestling family and a third generation wrestler to boot can get away with anything.

    Main Event Push: Have you noticed how on Raw everyone calls Orton the youngest WWE Champion in history? Sorry, he's the youngest World Champion in history. Brock Lesnar still holds that priviledge. I believe the only reason Vince did this was to make Randy Orton look superior to Brock Lesnar and erase all accomplishments he had in the WWE. You might be able to fool others with your crap, Vince, but you can't fool me. He wanted to get rid of Lesnar's highest mark, so he used Orton who can't even do any of the stuff that I mentioned.

    And THAT, Orton lovers, is all I gotta about Randy Orton: the EXTREMELY Overrated One.
  • "And from St. Louis Mo weighing in at 245 lbs, he is the Legend killa "Randy Orton"!!!!!

    I like Randy Orton I think he has talent but he isn't getting much out of his job wrestling in the wwe. I want WWE to push this superstar forward and becoming a good guy other words as a face. I believe Randy orton cans shine even further as a face because he's good at it and this heel gimmick he's in is horrible, so horible that he's losing to low-carders. I want Randy Orton to shine just like Cena, HHH and HBK because he deserves it. He's the legend killa and he deserves to shine. If he wins that WWE Championship I would love to see him turn face.
  • A raw superstar in his prime

    Randy orton is in third generation superstar from the famous family of Ortons and is known as the Lengend Killer is a cocky and funny person to watch on wwe raw and is the most amazing athele to really have fun with and is best friends with John Cena and Johnny Nitro and Melina and is was one half of the team Rated-RKO
  • RKO

    Randy Orton is very talented but it seems the wwe is holding him back If you ask me he should be the WWE champion over on RAW not John Cena he should have also held more tittles in the WWE then he has since teaming up with Edge we has won the Tag Tittles but lost it such a short time later to John Cena who already had the WWE tittle and Shawn Micheals who will face John Cena for the tittle it just doesn't seem fair that he is being pushed back because Randy has great talent to be the WWE Champion!
  • OMG he is to die for, good looks, sexy voice, get wrestler, and my age. What more could you want?

    I love Randy, I will admit that when he first came I was iffy but still liked him. Now of course I love him. Wow he is hot and young unlike most. One of the youngest and was the youngest WWE champ yet. Rock on man, and I love the RKO. Yah I know it is in his family and it might have pushed him ahead to get into the WWF. Overall he is great, even as a bad guy you have to still at least respect him. I admit I liked it better when he was a "good" guy than bad but either way he is a reason to watch.
  • The Legend Killer Randy Orton, is one of the few reasons why I continue watching Raw.

    Randall Keith Orton was born and raised by Cowboy Bob Orton and is a third generation superstar. Randy often refers to himself as the Legend Killer and the future of this business because he truly is athletic. Orton started out in Evolution, and from there I knew that Orton had the potential to be a future main eventer and Hall of Famer. After Triple H kicked Randy Orton out of Evolution, Randy turned face and had a World Heavyweight title reign. Unfortunately, Orton soon lost the title back to Triple H a month later and has since then tried to become the WWE champion. If you want a guy who delivers quality action to Raw and is an awesome heel, than look no further than Randy Orton.
  • I cant stand him.

    Its something I dont like about him. You know how you get that feeling when its somwthing you dont like about a person, but just cant figure out what it is? Maybe its because hes a daddy's boy. Then again, it could be that he is a self-centerd jerk that only cares about himself. Of, then it could very well be that devilish grin he always have on his face when he knows hes about to do something miscivous. Either way, I just dont like him at all, and he is way overrated as both a wrestler, a person, and an actor.
  • Randy Orton rules!

    Randy Orton is by far my favourite wrestler. He's the legend killer and backs that up by beating or humiliating wrestling legends such as Ric Flair, Steve Austen and lots more. He's currently on RAW and was the youngest world heavyweight champion while he was on Smackdown!. A third generation superstar his finishing move is the RKO (a jumping cutter) which stands for his full name; Randall Keith Orton. He's 6 ft 4 and weighs 245 lb. He was born in Knoxville, Tennesse on April 1, 1980. He was trained by his father "Cowboy" Bob Orton and debuted in April 25, 2002 on Smackdown!
  • a jerk in real life this guy is

    Randy Orton is the bad guy in wwe but he acts like a jerk in real life just like he does on the show. He wasnt gone for two monthe because he broke his ankle its because he got a DUI and they suspened him. It wouldnt take no 2 months for an ankle to heal. the only thing I like about orton is his entrance pose and his theme music. I also didnt like what he said about Eddie Guerro. and Rey Mysterio is not a charity case he had just as many fans before Eddie died. Randy Orton is a jerk no doubt abou it.
  • Randy Orton The Legend Killer

    Randy Orton has one destiny and his destiny is to be the greatest WWE Wrestler ever. I believe he can be he is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion ever. He has named himself the legend killer because he has beat legends in the wwe i think Randy Orton is the future of WWE he beat any superstar because is the best peformer in the business at such a young age he has beaten the best the undertaker chris beniot rey mysterio and others orton has a destiny and he will accomplish his destiny he will become one of the all time greats
  • Very Original.

    Why does everyone hate him? He has some of the best moves and is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion ever. If it wasn't for Kurt Angle, Randy Orton would take that loser JBL's place at Judgement Day. Mysterio got lucky the first time, but luck doesn't happen twice. Once this guy returns, loook out, people! The Legend Killer's comin through. It's too bad he didn't win at Wrestlemania. Heck, it should have only had beeen him and Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania.
  • Is the Legend Killer and is the youngest World Heavy Weight Champion!

    Orton should have his own show because he has that wow that everybody is drawn to and he has the attitiude for it too! If they gave Orton a show it would prove that he is the fenom of SD! and that he has the talant to be in the lead of the other superstars the only one who really surpasses Orton is Cena and i think that people would like Orton much better you know in his natural area and i also think that they should show more of Orton on Friday nights than they do! I think they made a mistake when they Suspened Orton for misconduct! That was just about the dumbest thing hey could have done!
  • Probably the best ever.

    Randy Orton is the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in the ring. He is also known as the Legend Killer because he beats tons of legends in matches and stuff. He can play a great heel or face. He is the youngest world heavyweight champion ever. He had one of the longest title reigns as Intercontenental champ. He done lots of other stuff too. He is also a 3rd generation wrestler.If you don't like him your probably a dork or you just don't know anything. If you do like him you are probably very intelligent. If you've never seen him wrestle try to watch him soon. Randy Orton is the best.
  • The Legend Killer.

    This guy became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in the history of WWE and has held the Intercontinental Championship in the last seven years. The Legend Killer has killed some of the greatest legends like Mick Foley, Ric Flair, St.Slaughter, Jake Roberts, and more. I think nobody could've done that.
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