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  • Randy Orton is good.

    Randy Orton is a very gifted WWE Superstar.His finisher the RKO is one of or the fastest manuvering finishers in the WWE.Not only is a magnificently well built he is also the current WWE Champion!I won't be suprised if he gets inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame.Randy,can also by a great arsenal while being accompanied by a tag team partner.Let me put this into words you kids can understand."Rated-RKO Kicks Ass!".So,I'll like to conculd by saying Randy Orton deserves the WWE Title he earned by defeating John Cena and Triple H.And,I know what you're thinking!"He just pinned him after Triple H's Pedigree".You're wrong!It dosn't matter whether you happen to fall on your oppenent to win,as long as as your pinning your oppenent and the ref says "1,2,3 and calls to ring the bell"you're good!