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  • Trivia

    • When Randy was marrying his wife Evi, Dennis Quaid was scheduled to be the best man. Unfortunately, he was running late, so his girlfriend (later wife, then ex-wife) Meg Ryan substituted for him in the wedding party.

    • In 2003, Randy received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    • Randy sued Focus Features, the studio that produced his movie Brokeback Mountain. He claimed the studio mislead actors into believing the movie was a small, low budget, art-house film so that the actors would accept reduced fees. He later dropped the lawsuit for unknown reasons.

    • Before discovering acting in high school, Randy considered being a professional golfer.

    • Randy was working as a stand-up comedian, when he was 'discovered' by director Peter Bogdonavich.

    • He is the older brother of Dennis Quaid.

  • Quotes

    • Randy: It's a lot of fun making an animated movie. You just get in there and, um, just--just let it go. Let loose, and it's very freeing for an actor.

    • Randy (On why he agreed to return to TV in 'Davis Rules'): [Jonathan] Winters was one of my childhood heroes. I like the subject matter, and they offered me lots of money.

    • Randy: People may assume I'm like these goofy characters I play when actually I'm the complete opposite. But if this is what people want to see me in, that's fine.

    • Randy: I've played leads and I've played supporting roles; it doesn't much matter to me. (Pause) Well, I like playing leads. You get more screen time, you get more money, and you get the girl.

    • Randy (On playing real people): I think they're full-bodied characters. People have many perceptions of them, and you get to give your own.

    • Randy: I think that as long as you have a good story with good characters, people will go see it.

    • Randy (On playing golf): I liked the challenge of it more than anything else. There's always room to improve. It never gets old. I also like being outside in the sunshine. And the people who play golf seem to have a real sense of decency about them.

    • Randy (On director Ang Lee): Ang doesn't give you a lot of input; he lets you go on your way. He might come up to me in his quiet way and just give a suggestion for a color he'd like to see. But he also doesn't leave a take until he's satisfied, and if he's satisfied, you know it's good.

    • Randy: I came to a crossroads early on, where Lorne Michaels, out of the blue, asked me to [join the cast of Saturday Night Live]. I started doing more comedies after that, and I enjoyed doing them. But it took me away from doing the kind of dramatic parts I wanted to do.

    • Randy: I might have had a slight resentment that [younger brother] Dennis could use my name to open some doors, but I got over that stuff a long time ago.

    • Randy: I'm passive-aggressive when it comes to ambition. ... I was probably more anxious when I was younger. Now, as long as I get to keep working as an actor, that's enough for me.