Ransom Sherman





10/15/1901 , Appleton Wisconsin



Birth Name

Ransom Milsom Sherman




Ransom Miles Sherman, b. October 15, 1898 in Appleton, Wisconsin, d. November 26, 1985, Age 87.

Ransom Sherman grew up in the small town of Appleton Wisconsin. Ransom started with a partner in the early days of radio for NBC in Chicago Illinois. He was a radio comedian, writer, movie actor, television host and actor. For nearly 50 years he was the entertainer and mainstay on radio shows such as "Club Matinee," "Grapevine Rancho," "Hap Hazzard," "Smile Parade," "Mirth and Madness," and "Fibber McGee and Molly" on which he played the character of Uncle Dennis. As a radio personality he was part of "Command Performance" which aired weekly variety shows to our troops fighting in World War II. On June 23, 1942 he was part of a broadcast with Loretta Young, and Ella Fitzgerald. In the mid-forties he moved his family from Chicago, Illinois to Beverly Hills, California to try out this new fangle thing called television as well as play character parts in movies such as "Always Leave Them Laughing," "Gentlemen's Agreement," with Gary Cooper (which won an Oscar for Best Picture in 1947), "The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer" with Gary Grant, and an "I Love Lucy" episode in 1951 as a bum on a bench, the show entitled, "Friend to the Friendless".

He was featured in "Life" Magazine, August 28, 1950 for his own TV variety show called, "The Ransom Sherman Show". On television he was the father of the groom on "Father of the Bride" and hosted "And Here's the Show" a 1955 variety show that introduced Jonathon Winters. He retired from acting and took world cruises on freight ships enjoying exotic locations like Rarotonga. He found it amusing when he be in Japan at times with a television going and himself being dupped in Japanese.

Ransom was known for his dry wit. Whatever the format, Sherman was always the unsophisticated "just plain folks" character who stood just a bit apart from the dramatic insanity going on about him.