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  • One of my pref!

    Raul Bova is not only a gorgeous man but, most important, a great actor! On the Italian scene, in my opinion, is the most talented actor of the last twenty years.
    In his youthness he's been a good swimmer who won a some internationals competition.

    In 1992 he starts his acting career with "Una storia italiana" based on the life of the Abbagnale brothers, Italian rowing olympic golden medals; he reach fame in 1993 with "Piccolo grande amore" and then in 1995 with "Palermo-Milano solo andata".
    In 2002 he arrives in USA with the movie "Avenging Angelo= and in 2004 with "Alien vs Predator".
    In 2008 he acted in "Scusa ma ti chiamo amore" a movie based on a Alessandro Moccia book, one of the most famous Italian writers between teenagers. He plays a 40 years old single man who fell in love with a 17 years old girl. The critic has been really good, confirming Bova as great actor.