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    • Raoul Bova: What's better: man or woman? Well...to love: the women, to born: I am satisfied to have been a man.

    • Raoul Bova: (about doing a love scene) I'll tell you, the love scene is always very, very difficult to shoot because you have all the crew around you and looking at you and when you are kissing someone, they say, `Don't put your hand on my shoulder because you're touching my hair' and something like that. And I say okay, okay. When you push the cheek, they're like, `Don't push the cheek' and I say okay. And you have to be very romantic and you say, okay. How can you enjoy the love scene?

    • Raoul Bova: (about his wife Chiara Giordano) To meet her was a sign of destiny, and I thank God for that: our union is cemented by the same principles, by the same ideals of life.

    • Raoul: (On what acting has taught him) It taught me to be selfless. By digging into my characters, when I find myself, for example, with my wife, automatically I try to imagine her mood, I try to put myself in her shoes. That's why often, I find myself saying she is right, even apologize to her. I wonder if that's a good thing...

    • Raoul: (On what he hates the most) Looking without acting upon it. And complaining. I detest anyone who pities him or herself without trying to change the hand they were dealt.