Raquel Cassidy

Raquel Cassidy


1/7/1967, Fleet, Hampshire, UK

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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Raquel has a degree in biological anthropology. She started on her PhD studies in west Africa, but became disillusioned and returned home to embark on her acting career.

    • Raquel is 5'7" tall.

    • Before taking up roles, Raquel does a lot of research to help her fully adopt a character. Research for Party Animals included watching BBC Parliament, whilst she has also visited M15 for a separate role.

    • Raquel is fluent in Spanish, French and German.

    • Raquel has also acted on radio, having acted in 'The Furniture Play' (BBC),
      'Baby First' (BBC) and 'The Love A Life Can Show Below' (BBC Radio 4).

    • Raquel has taught in real life - she taught English as a foreign language.

    • Raquel left the hit British show Teachers after just two seasons because she feared being typecasted.

    • Raquel attended Girton College at Cambridge University.

  • Quotes

    • Raquel: If life is going well, I watch quality things like period dramas and The Blue Planet. But other times, I'll trawl through anything Freeview has to offer. I do believe TV can ruin your mind, but it can also be a really good friend.

    • (on a childhood crush on Martin Shaw)
      Raquel: A friend and I used to fantasise about being Bodie and Doyle in sewing classes.

    • (On why she decided to become an actress)
      Raquel: I always wanted to since I was very small. Probably being the youngest in your family and your family making you perform! I also like to communicate things. I always wanted to work in development or acting. I started research into maternal and child health in Africa but I gave that up and became an actress.

  • Raquel Cassidy is great I hope to see her in more things in 2006. I loved her in Teachers. Teachers was one of the best shows on TV well… for the first two seasons anyway.moreless

    Raquel Cassidy in Teachers was wonderful as Susan Gately, her relationship with Simon was funny and interesting. and v- funny in According to Bex. Raquel is a fantastic actress and I wish her all the best in the New Year…

    p.s. you guys should put more pics on yer websight…