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    • Raquel: Behind every successful man is a woman holding a brush and shovel cleaning up the shit he's too full of himself to notice.

    • Raquel: (presenting the Oscar for Visual Effects) My name is Raquel Welch. I am here for Visual Effects. And I have two of them.

    • Raquel: (on Mae West) I do think she was a spectacular talent. There's no question she was a comedic genius, but I did, in person, actually feel like she was some kind of a dock worker in drag.

    • Raquel: The mind is an erogenous zone.

    • Raquel: Once you get rid of the idea that you must please other people before you please yourself, and you begin to follow your own instincts - only then can you be successful. You become more satisfied, and when you are, other people will tend to be satisfied by what you do.

    • Raquel: I couldn't stand that my husband was being unfaithful. I am Raquel Welch - understand?

    • Raquel: Americans have always had sex symbols. It'a time-honored tradition and I'm flattered to have been one. But it's hard to have a long, fruitful career once you've been stereotyped that way. That's why I'm proud to say I've endured.

    • Raquel: Being a sex symbol was rather like being a convict